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UAlbany Installs Memorial Bench in Honor of Fallen Classmates

By Hannah Joseph | September 13, 2021

(Photo Credit: Paul Miller)

On Sept. 7 the University at Albany installed a new memorial honoring the alumni lost during the terror attack on the World Trade Center. The memorial bench, located behind the Boor Sculpture Studio on the walking path to ETEC, was designed by UAlbany Alum Dan Girou. The official unveiling occurred at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11, marking the 20th anniversary of that tragic day.

(Photo Credit: Paul Miller)

Along with Girou, former students Conner Dunleavy (2017), Michael Longo (2015), Lee Stanton (2014), and Edward McGlone (2011) worked for seven years to plan and organize the memorial for their fellow fallen alumni.

“This is the smallest thing we could do to honor such a horrible loss of life in our campus community,” said Stanton.

The memorial was paid for by the Senior Class of 2017, who voted before graduation to make the memorial their senior gift. $15,000 was raised to build, design, and install the new bench.

The bench was made to model the two twin towers on one side. A granite bench seat connects the towers to a pentagonal-shaped base, representing the Pentagon. The top of the bench seat is inscribed with a special dedication to the UAlbany alumni lost in the terror attacks.

(Photo Credit: Paul Miller)

With the installation of the new memorial, its sponsors hope it serves to not only honor those lost, but also remind generations to come of the significance of that day for our country. Stanton stated, “We talk about the term ‘never forget.’ That’s what this bench represents. Twenty years from now, students who did not live through 9/11 will be able to take a moment to pause and reflect on the significance of that day. We’re bridging gaps forever.”

The Albany Student Press would like to honor and remember the following alumni:

Jon L. Albert ’77 – B.S. Mathematics

Shawn Bowman ’94 – B.S. Business Administration, ’96 – MBA

Mark A. Brisman ’89 – B.S. Accounting

Elizabeth Darling ’96 – B.A. Sociology

Jeffrey L. Fox ’82 – B.S. Accounting

Clyde Frazier ’88 – B.A. Africana Studies

Taimour Khan ’94 – B.A. Economics

John P. Lozowsky ’86-87 - General Studies

Michael Lynch ’90 – B.A. Political Science

Joseph Maffeo ’94 – B.A. Geographical Information and Spatial Analysis

Scott M. McGovern ’87 – B.S. Business Administration

Stephen Vincent Mulderry ’92 – B.A. Rhetoric & Communications

John A. Reo ’00 – B.A. Economics

Brooke David Rosenbaum ’91 – B.A. Psychology

Karen H. Schmidt ’80 – B.S. Interdisciplinary

See-wong Shum ’90 - MBA

James G. Smith ’79 – B.S. Business Administration

Michael T. Wholey ’88 – B.A. Political Science

Michael Wittenstein ’89 – B.S. Business Administration


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