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UAlbany Prepares for Vaccination Site for Students, Faculty, and Staff

By: Max Weissman | February 17, 2021

The University at Albany is starting to prepare to open a vaccination center for students, faculty, and staff depending on when most people on campus are eligible for the vaccine and on supplies of the vaccine, said the university media and communications director in an email.

Even before the pandemic had closed down the university in March 2020, the university “had a base plan” to set up a center for UAlbany members, Jordan Carleo-Evangelist said in an email last week. The plan includes an agreement between the Albany County Department of Health and the university to operate what is called a “Point of Dispensing” vaccine shots.

Carleo-Evangelist said the university is working off the base plan and have selected several locations that are now under review for setting up a vaccination distribution center on campus for UAlbany members.

Details of staffing and size are still being considered, he added.

The base plan also needs to be updated to meet the needs of combatting the Covid-19 pandemic now, Carleo-Evangelist said. One of the issues of the pandemic is the two vaccines approved for use in the United States need to be stored at a proper temperature and require two doses within a certain timeframe to be effective.

However, this is all in preparation. It will be up to the state and the county to decide when and if a UAlbany vaccination center for the students, faculty, and staff will be opened, he said.

Since January 25, there are 57 confirmed COVID-19 cases within the UAlbany community. Thirty-nine are students and 18 are university employees. Out of the university’s 368 rooms for quarantine or isolation 76, or about 20%, are currently in use.

College professors who teach in person are eligible to sign up and receive the vaccine in New York. They can reach the New York State Covid-19 Vaccination Hotline by calling 1-833-697-4829.


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