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UAlbany Student Senate Holds First Meeting Following Spring Break

By Henry Fisher | March 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The University at Albany’s Student Association’s (SA) Senate met for the first time following the university’s spring break. The main conversation of the evening regarded a campus climate discussion, where senators discussed the role of a senator as a representative of the student body – some in response to the recent tabling of a bill that would’ve required senators to perform community service hours.

The bill, presented on March 8, was criticized due to the ineffectiveness of other mandates for senators to attend events, as well as potentially being discouraging to new senators.

Senator Dylan Klein opened the discussion, first bringing up potential animosity within SA’s body, later commending members of SA, saying, “We shouldn’t be fast to define what it means to be a good senator.”

“You are here so students can see a change on campus and have a voice on campus,” Senator Jalen Rose said, in follow-up to Senator Klein’s statement.

“All I know is that when students see me, know me – they may not know the resolutions I’ve passed – but they know my dedication,” Senator Selwa Khan, a primary supporter of the tabled community service hour bill, said. “People really do value dedica[ted] and quality people running things.”

“I just want to see more senators out there advocating for our future,” Senator Jeremy Zheng said in the discussion.

In other news, Senator Faith Archer gave her first report as the new Chair of the Committee on Constituent Relations, replacing Interim Chair Zheng. A proposed bill, which would change a bylaw concerning executive reports, the short briefings that the various executive directors give in Senate meetings, was tabled before it reached the floor. This left the meeting without any legislation to vote upon.

Campaigning for the general election, as well as campaigning for the upcoming Student Activity Fee vote, began at midnight following this week’s session.


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