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UAlbany Takes the Win Against Paul Smith’s College in 9-4 Game

By Jacob Ceron I Nov 8, 2022

Photo Credit: Jacob Ceron

The University of Albany hockey club had a glorious day on Oct. 29, when they defeated Paul Smith’s College in a 9-4 game over Halloween weekend.

The game was full of tricks and treats, with three fights and four times when a player's stick flew into the air. The night's highlight was when a goal knocked over the net; the crowd burst into laughter and amazement.

Both teams gave it their all, but UAlbany had more talent. Skating past Paul Smith's defenses and landing goal after goal, UAlbany had a 4-0 lead in the second period within five minutes. Paul Smith tried to score goals later in the game, but UAlbany scored more often than they did.

The night was a sight to see, with such high energy and emotion between the two teams. Crowds could feel each push and grunt from the sidelines. Both teams were proficient at what they did.

Defensive player Anthony Palumbo comments, “It was a blast. I had a great time. The game was great and the support from the fans adds to that enjoyment”, as their efforts rewarded them with the team’s second win of the season, leaving them currently with two wins and two losses.

They will play this Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 11 and Nov. 12th against Hamilton College and LeMoyne College at the Albany County Hockey Facility near the Albany Airport.


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