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University Bike Program Allows Students to Travel Sustainably

By Sophie Schultz | February 7, 2022

Photo Credit: University at Albany

Bike registration, a component of the Bikeable UAlbany Initiative, offers students a way to travel on campus while promoting sustainable travel.

Currently, not many students have registered bikes, but this doesn’t mean a lack of bikes on campus. “A lot of students are taking advantage of the new bike-share program on campus, so we aren’t seeing many bikes being registered,” said Jason Jones, Director of Parking and Mass Transit. He refers to the CDPHP Cycle bikes available from April to November for free to students and staff. With the number of CDPHP bikes available on campus rising, the university promotes this program at open houses and on tours for prospective students.

Additionally, the university has added more bike racks in the past few years to ensure sufficient spaces for riders to leave their bikes. According to Jones, the offices of Environmental Sustainability, Parking and Mass Transit Services, Residential Life, Campus Planning, Campus Rec, UPD, and the Student Association came together in 2012 to implement this program. These organizations continue to work together to create a safer environment for students to travel sustainably.

Bike users can fill out a short form to register their bicycle on campus, valid from August to July. This allows the university to keep track of the number of bikes on campus, track usage patterns, and give the university a way to return any bikes left on campus to their owners at the end of their semester. There is no charge to register a bike. Unregistered bikes left on campus are considered abandoned and are removed from campus 30 days after their reported ticket date.


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