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University Mask Mandate Lifted With Few Exceptions

By Shawn Ness | March 4, 2022

Photo Credit: Unsplash

The university announced on Thursday that, effective immediately, masks will be optional on all UAlbany campuses, with the exception of a few requirements.

Masks will still be required in classrooms, studios, and instructional labs until Mar. 28, which is a week after students return from spring break. They will, however, continue to be required in Student Health Services (SHS) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offices, on all forms of public transportation, including CDTA and UAlbany buses, as well as when coming in contact with an infected person.

The decision was made given the “updated guidance from the CDC and New York State,” according to the press release sent out by Associate Vice President, Kevin Wilcox, “along with a significant decline in COVID-19 cases within the UAlbany community.”

The university is still encouraging people who have not received their booster shots to continue wearing masks, and welcomes all students who wish to continue wearing masks to do so.

“All other COVID-19 safety protocols remain in place [regarding vaccinations, boosters, surveillance testing and immediate reporting of positive cases and quarantine and isolation],” said Director of Communications, Jordan Carleo-Evangelist. “The updated mask policy applies to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, consistent with CDC and New York State guidance.”

The university may still reinstate mask mandates in the case that public health conditions worsen, or if state or federal guidance changes.

“While these changes signal positive progress in our fight against this virus and are welcome news to many, for others this transition may be less comfortable,” the press release says. “More than ever, we must prioritize patience and empathy in our interactions with each other. Many in our community will choose to continue masking. We must respect each other’s choices.”


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