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What Does Your Favorite GUTS Song Say About You?

By Kehinde Adejumo | September 18, 2023

Photo Credit: Pitchfork

Attention: Calling all Livies! Olivia Rodrigo is back with her sophomore album “GUTS” that came out on Sept. 8.

Following the mega-shattering success of her debut album “SOUR,” “GUTS” delves into the confusing time of early adulthood with themes of fame, risk, adventure, responsibilities and mistakes. The sophomore album steers right into the rock genre that perfectly encapsulates late teenager angst. Olivia has a knack for bringing out our deepest emotions in her songs. Based on your favorite song, I’m going to guess what it says about you.

1. all-american bitch

If “all-american bitch” is your favorite track, you probably have a tendency to want to be perfect all the time. The start of “all-american bitch” shows this through the acoustic guitars portraying a misleading start of tranquility.When you don’t feel like you are perfect at something, you tend to bottle up your anger until you can’t anymore. The chorus exemplifies this through Olivia screaming from the idea of being the “perfect all-american.” You also tend to be intuitive, understand people’s emotions, and remain an optimist. At the same time, you might resent your “perfect” image of who you are trying to be.

2. bad idea, right?

Can’t get “bad idea, right” out of your head? Yeah, me either. This song might mean that you tend to make reckless decisions and think about the consequences later. You probably like to justify your bad decisions in the hopes that everything will work out in the end. This justification is obvious when Olivia is telling us the details of this encounter with an ex in real-time. It’s possible you might be easily influenced by people you used to have romantic ties with. The dreamy-chorus plays into this concept with the chant “seeing you tonight, it’s a bad idea, right?” At the end of the day, you’re self-aware about your bad decisions.

3. vampire

“vampire” might say that you’re susceptible to bad influences but always find a way to liberate yourself from them. You are a kind person that bloodsuckers try to take advantage of. The slow burn of the track shows how you don’t see people for who they are at first. But quickly “vampire” becomes a rock opera to show when the curtains are pulled from underneath you, you finally see a person for who they truly are.

4. lacy

“lacy” might be hinting that you have unresolved feelings for someone: you might want to be them, be with them or against them. You probably like to analyze people as a way to protect your own emotions. “lacy” speaks to this delicate nature of emotion with the whispery vocals Olivia uses throughout the track. You might become obsessed with people quickly. “lacy” exudes this dark infatuation with the character “lacy” being personified as a figment of one’s imagination: an image one wants to be or can’t escape.

5. ballad of a homeschooled girl

Are you searching up how to start a conversation on a website? If we consult this track for advice, it would tell you that you want people to like you, you love rock songs and maybe had a sheltered upbringing. “ballad of a homeschooled girl” expresses this feeling through its pop punk rock freakout feel and euphoric chorus. The song also tells us that you might feel a pressure to meet society’s expectations.

6. making the bed

If “making the bed” gets you in your feels, you are probably self-aware of the decisions you make and possibly getting lost in something/someone that’s not good for you. On the other hand, you might be too hard on yourself and not giving yourself time to grow as a person. It’s also possible that you might be in auto-pilot mode and not keeping track of the changes going on in your life. The song’s wistful and subdued vibe shows this narrative through the breathy vocals and echoing synths sprinkled throughout the song.

7. logical

Loving the song “logical?" It’s possible that you love the feeling of falling in love, almost to the point of delusion. You might think you can change someone just because you love them. No one ever said love was logical. The ballad shows this through the bridge “if two plus two equals five and I'm the love of your life.” It’s possible that through Olivia’s wounded but sarcastic vocals, you might be trying to rationalize your feelings for this person, but failing to do so.

8. get him back!

Do you want to get your ex back? Maybe you like to imagine revenge fantasies for those who have done you wrong? Hey, we’ve all been there. But you might have some regrets too. You might have a calculated nature about yourself once someone hurts your feelings. At the same time, you probably tend to have contradictory feelings towards someone you really care about. “get him back” shows your inner tension through rage chants of wanting to get back with your ex and teach them a lesson.

9. love is embarrassing

Simping over someone who doesn’t prioritize you? Are you prioritizing them over yourself? If you can’t stop singing “love is embarrassing,” you’re not the only one. The song shows that you might be too nice to people who don’t deserve it. Sometimes you’re over the top when you’re in love. Being in love might feel like a dopamine rush to you, even if it can be embarrassing.

10. the grudge

If you love crying to “the grudge,” you probably take things to heart but have an underlying strength. The pulsing piano ballad and sky-scraping vocals show that you have a deep rooted angst from a relationship that ended badly. It might be hard for you to move on from bad relationships. You’re not able to forgive them or yourself but you still love them anyway. The whisper singing Olivia implores in “the grudge” adds to the sadness of your hurt and not being able to get clarity on a previous relationship.

11. pretty isn’t pretty

If “pretty isn’t pretty” is your favorite song, you probably like social commentary on beauty standards. Like most people, you struggle with self-love especially when it comes to your body. You might have a habit of comparing yourself to others and never thinking you are pretty enough. Deep down, you may feel like that self-doubt will never change. “pretty isn’t pretty” uses its drum intro and '80s guitar to show anger towards beauty standards with the lyric “everybody’s keeping it up.”

12. teenage dream

If “teenage dream” is your anthem, you probably have anxiety about growing up and doubt over what your future self will be. Maybe your teen years aren’t what you imagined them to be and you wonder if you will regret that. At the same time, you have a fear of your teenage years being your peak and not growing from there. “Teenage dream” evokes a fluttering falsetto to a stronger panicking belt in the chorus that shows you like to reflect on the past when there’s more to come.

Review: Olivia is here to stay. We haven’t seen the best of her yet.


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