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What Spring Break College Student Are You?

By Tishan Roye | March 28, 2022

Like most college students, I’m sure we’re all excited for Spring Break. It’s literally one of the only intermissions in the spring semester, and only one week too… I feel as if we deserve more days just a couple more for our mental health.

Anyways, why is every college’s Spring break different? I know the Omicron’s emergence more than likely interfered with the timeline, but I miss my home besties. Which makes me think that everyone has a different plan for how they decide to spend their break. Which one are you?

1) Globetrotter

You’re the vacation type. Your tickets and bags were booked and packed way before professors started reminding us about midterms. You’re ready to go and probably left campus early with a somehow valid excuse to get you out of that pesky professor’s quiz – who thought it was cool to have one the day everyone leaves. Definitely visiting popular spots like California, the Caribbean, somewhere in Europe or literally anywhere that’s hot with tropical weather and beaches. Miami anyone? Those IG photos will be amazing, and I will be liking them.

2) Sleeper

You’re definitely tired of college. You needed this break to get your sleep schedule together, which sadly more than likely will not happen. You’re the type to sleep all day and all night then randomly wake up for food and occasionally binge watch a series or two. No shame though, we all need our beauty sleep. You guys will definitely be the ones to be either well-rested or just have an even worse sleeping schedule when you get back to campus.

3) Academist

I feel like you’re misunderstood. Everyone thinks you like school a lot, when in reality you’re just as excited to leave as they are. You’re organized and you plan out your time accordingly. Just because you plan to finish up some assignments that are due way ahead of time does not mean you’re not going to be out with friends. You know what you want and you’re going to achieve it. Is that planner digital or paper… asking for a friend?

4) Workaholic

You have one thing on your mind and that’s money. That one campus job took a break so went back to your old job in your hometown that more than likely pays more than your college job. You’re hard working and you're determined to get what you want. Rightfully so too. We love a determined Queen (a word that is more inclusive).

5) Homelander

You’re the type to stay home all break; and there’s no shame in that. You’re definitely going to get caught up with all your favorite series and upcoming movies. Like I know I'm not the only one binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” Maybe even a bit of school work if you don’t procrastinate.

6) Staycationist

You’re the type to go back to your hometown but is never home. A vacation somewhere other than home was looking a bit too hefty, but you also wanted to enjoy the wonders of your surroundings. You definitely have a full booked schedule for the week jam packed with outings with friends, family, movies, parties, picnics and all. You are making the most of your break, squeezing in every single event before you go back to campus.


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