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What to Look Forward to Senior Year of College

By Fiona Hernandez | August 22, 2022

When it comes to your senior year of college, you might ask yourself, now what? Do I go to graduate school? Law school? Medical school? Or do I simply just work and get a full-time job? The transition of graduating from college can be a very scary process for many seniors. Some seniors may look forward to the next chapter of their lives, but others might be nervous to be out on their own.

Photo Credit: Nolan Maxx Adelsky

Nolan Maxx Adelsky (he/him) is graduating this fall with a bachelor’s in accounting and financial market regulations with a minor in business. He feels very excited about graduating and is looking forward to what the next chapter of his life brings. After graduation, he is taking five to six months off before starting grad school next fall. During his break, he plans to take this time to explore and have fun.

Even though he is ending his senior year of college he believes that the University at Albany has prepared him for the real world and the ability to grow as a person. Being a part of clubs like the Peer Career Advising Office, study abroad, photography studio, esports arena, and student organizations have allowed him to be open-minded and try new things.

Adelsky is very excited to meet new people and plans to take advantage of the opportunities and have fun his senior year! He’s least excited about waking up to those 8 a.m. classes and he says that this is something he will not miss about college. For his last year, he hopes to do the things he loves most. He wants to go to all of his classes, work out regularly, develop his photography brand, go to sports games, talk to all kinds of people, and of course, go to parties. The goal he hopes to achieve this year is to get a 4.0 GPA this semester because he feels that he “should end strong.”

When reflecting on what he will miss the most about his college years, he says it is being a college student. “I will most likely miss the safety of being a college student. We are not expected to have much, [and] it is ok to be lazy, broke, and unsure about life,” Adelsky said. “When I am 30 I don’t think it will be okay to wake up at 3 p.m. with chocolate ice cream on my face and bed because I passed out after a long night.”

The best experience he had at UAlbany was being able to socialize and talk to someone new. “It doesn’t always have to lead to an adventure but I have certainly learned something from everyone I have met,” Adelsky said. “And sometimes it does lead to an adventure, it could be a relationship, a new hobby, a job, a new perspective of life.”

Adelsky learned that he can do anything he sets his mind to if he just dedicates some time to it. He also learned a valuable life lesson, which is that you have to at least try in life. He feels that trying new things can lead you to learn more about yourself, who you are, and what you want to get out of life.

As for some advice he could give to underclassmen, Adelsky says “to talk to people and try new things. I used to be very quiet and awkward and I started this daily challenge to talk to one new person every day, it could be anyone. The more random the individual the better, you can learn so much from meeting someone new, it can help you find hobbies or a career path but at the very least it gives you purpose and a reason to be on campus,” he said.

He advises any underclassmen to go out there, be actively involved on campus, join many clubs and try something new.

Photo Credit: Astor Singh

Astor Singh (he/him/his) is graduating this spring as a communications major and double minor in business and psychology. He feels that leaving his senior year of college is “bittersweet.” Singh also acknowledges that college has had its fun times as well as its rocky roads. But he looks forward to this new chapter in his life. He is both nervous and excited about graduating. “It can be scary moving into a point of my life where my future is so unsure of, yet that thrill is so exciting at the same time,” Singh said.

He’s most excited about attending events throughout the year and spending quality time with his girlfriend and friends. He’s least excited about the thought that this chapter is finally coming to an end and he has to move on.

The goals he hopes to achieve are improving his mental health and well-being, building new skills, and enjoying life’s journey. His best experience was receiving the silver medal when he competed for the school’s esports teams at Lake Placid in the Empire State Winter Games.

As far as what he hopes to do after graduation, he is still uncertain about what his next path is.

He will miss the opportunity to truly explore himself, such as meeting people from all walks of life and having the extra free time in his schedule to take time for himself. But what he won’t miss about college is the constant anxiety that comes along with being a student.

Singh was given the chance to find himself, pursue what interests him, understand his career path, and what motivates him to keep going over the past three years. He also learned about who he is and where he stands. But he’s also learned about dealing with struggles, taking the time to appreciate the little things, and enjoying the chaos and difficulties of life.

“Some valuable advice that I can give to underclassmen is to ‘just go for it,’” Singh said. “No matter what ‘it’ means depends on who you are, but regardless, I demand that you simply-just-go for it!”

Photo Credit: Michelle George

Michelle George (she/her/hers) is a senior studying business administration with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship and a minor in biology. She is nervous but also excited to graduate to embark on a new chapter. In her senior year, she is hoping to accomplish all of the things that are on her bucket list and take the time to live in the moment.

Her least favorite part about college is having to juggle classes, work, internships, and extracurricular activities. “I like being kept busy but something I need to remind myself is to slow down and enjoy this year,” George said.

For her last year, a big goal of hers is to continue making as many connections as possible. She is also hoping to raise her GPA and be a part of more clubs on campus. Once she graduates, George hopes to work in marketing for the fashion industry and eventually create her own brand.

What she will miss about college is the opportunity to meet new people who she connects with and who have similar interests as her. Something that she will not miss is how she couldn’t seem to find her own space and finding it hard to work in her room at times.

George’s favorite experience here at UAlbany was the silent disco her freshman year because that is where she met most of her friends with whom she is still close to today.

She learned in college that communication is key. “Not everyone knows what goes on in your mind,” George said. “What I mean by this is that people cannot just read your feelings and make you feel better, it is your job to communicate with them and what you need to do going forward.”

As far as some advice for underclassmen, George urges them to go out and be confident in what they do. “You won't regret putting yourself out there,” she said. “Whether it be talking to someone in your class, or striking up a conversation with someone in line at the dining hall, you never know if that person will be someone you connect with.”

Photo Credit: Kayla Larsen

Kayla Larsen (she/her/hers) is a senior graduating this fall. She is a communications major with a minor in psychology. Larsen is upset to leave and cannot believe that this is her last semester of college. After transferring here, she realized that UAlbany was the perfect fit for her. This has only been her fourth semester at UAlbany and she does not want to leave. As for her last semester, Larsen is excited to be involved in clubs, such as the photography club and her role as program coordinator for the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

During her last semester, she hopes to make more friends, be involved more on campus, and attend all of the football games. She will miss her friends, the clubs that she was a part of, and most of all the parties. She will not miss attendance as a part of your grade for some classes.

But the best experience she has had at UAlbany was joining the photography club. “It was the first club I joined and I met some of my closest friends after joining,” Larsen said. “I love the personalities of everyone in that club and the different kinds of creativity people bring. It's also given me an opportunity to model and learn more about cameras.”

Over the course of her college years, she has learned important lessons. Larsen has learned to always put trust in herself first. She has also learned to make sure she won’t hurt her GPA by those classes that require attendance and to take advantage of the fun events and free t-shirts. But she has also learned the responsibilities and persistence it takes in becoming an adult.

Larsen advises underclassmen to “go to all events and get involved! You will meet so many more friends and find your time spent much happier if you fill up your schedule more. Take advantage of the free sports games and go walk around Indian pond when you get a chance, it's nice there.”


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