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Why UAlbany’s Fountain Remains Inactive

UAlbany's Inactive Podium Fountain. (Photo Credit: Habib Affinnih / The ASP)

By Kendyl Hardy | September 13, 2021

Last spring, the university’s famous podium fountain never turned on due to a major leak in its pipes.

The university is now in the process of investigating the cause of the leak with an independent consultant, according to Mike Nolan the university communications specialist. Once the investigation is done, the university will schedule a time to fix the leak and add money in their budget for the fountain’s repairs.

When asked about the severity of the leak, Nolan said, “The university has been aware of a minor leak for some time, but last fall it appeared to become more significant and require repair. We were losing about 10,000 gallons of water a day.”

In order to prevent leaks, the university is also going to do repairs on the pipes based on recommendations from the investigation.

The podium fountain is a very big priority for the university; therefore, they’re trying their best to get it turned on as soon as possible as entertainment for the students.

“Some of the University’s most creative people have been executing plans to liven up the fountain area while repairs are underway. This has included adding new physically distanced seating, plants, and window graphics. We’re also exploring the addition of an augmented light show that can run during the night hours,” Nolan said.


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