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Plot Ozzy is an ex-football player, now working in a restaurant, and has fallen in love with his client, Tina, a widower with a teenage daughter, Harriet. Ozzy, thinking that Tina has slept with Harriet's father in the past, confronts her. She admits that she had been unfaithful, but had fallen in love with Ozzy. As they talk, Ozzy notices that Tina's hands are shaking, and he hears her crying. She then admits that she is in love with him, but he returns to his restaurant, refusing to see her or acknowledge her existence. In her despair, she goes to see her aunt Sally, who reveals that Ozzy is married and has two sons. Tina goes home in tears. Sally soon tells Ozzy of her plans to leave her husband and marry him. She says that she is pregnant with Ozzy's child. Soon after the funeral of Ozzy's wife, Sally visits him and begs him to marry her. They marry, and one month later, they find out they are pregnant. Ozzy has now told his wife what has happened, and they decide to separate. When Sally has a miscarriage, Ozzy finds himself falling in love with her again. He tells her he will tell his wife that he is an only child. When they kiss, they find themselves in a room with Harriet, and Ozzy decides to commit himself to the marriage, which will allow him to marry Tina. At first, the three are happy, but they gradually begin to quarrel, with Ozzy thinking that Sally is still seeing her lover, and the others feeling that Ozzy's marriage to Tina is not the true one. After they have had a series of fights, Ozzy leaves Tina alone at the apartment they are sharing, and goes to see Sally in her lover's flat. When he finds her, Sally is kissing her lover, and tells Ozzy that she loves him more than ever. Ozzy, turning against the women, attacks her lover and leaves. The next day, Ozzy's sons are playing in the park, and one sees Harriet. Ozzy and his sons go home. Ozzy tells his sons that he is going to move out and leave them in Sally's care, saying that he is going to give up being a father to become a father. He also tells them that he has moved out and is going to stay with Sally, because it is easier to cheat on his wife, and






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