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Black History Month: 10 YouTubers You Should Check Out

By Kehinde Adejumo | February 12, 2024

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Ever since YouTube launched in 2005, the term “YouTuber” was given to content creators who represent the voice of their communities. During Black History Month, YouTube has been showcasing Black creators whose content has left a lasting impact. Down below, I will talk about the Black creatives you should check out. 

Tee started her channel for Black women to have a voice regarding social issues. She saw a lack of Black women in the commentary YouTube space and decided to do something about it. Her channel focuses on a variety of different topics such as: race, gender identity/sexuality, pop culture critiques, show commentaries, music industry idols and so much more. 

Tee’s videos typically consist of her rehashing controversy in pop culture from an intersectional lens. Her videos are in a video essay format. What makes Tee’s channel unique is she acknowledges her own biases when talking about serious topics. She always has her sources cited and brings professionals into her videos to get someone else’s perspective. She is very entertaining, consistently gives fashion inspiration, and you’re guaranteed to learn from her.

Amanda is your classic makeup guru with a twist. While she does her makeup, you can catch her ranting about pop culture, the mistreatment of Black women, tv show reactions (with character breakdowns), ranking albums/songs from an artist and gaming. The thing that makes Amanda so vital to the commentary space is she is not afraid to make people upset. She genuinely cares about the topics she discusses. Amanda has a way of bringing humor into her videos with her impeccable comedic timing and meme worthy facial expressions.

Taty is a confidence and relationship coach. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and women and gender studies. Her videos don’t feel preachy or like she’s looking down on her viewers; she has a big sister vibe. When watching her videos, it’s easy to see she really wants to make a difference in people's lives. The great thing about Taty is she will give you realistic steps to reach your confidence goals. Taty does fashion, beauty, lifestyle and advice videos as well. 

Keisha is just your average British girl. Her videos mainly focus on pop culture commentaries. She occasionally does deep dive videos along with album reactions. Keisha’s most popular videos are her unpopular opinion series. She does not hold back and they are her most entertaining videos to watch. Keisha will always say it like it is even if she likes the particular artist she is talking about. Her videos are never boring because she has a comedic flair to her personality. 

Naomi’s videos dissect the music industry. She talks about record labels, album rollouts, unpopular artist opinions and a whole lot more. Her videos have an essay-like feel; she always does research beforehand which makes it feel more educational. Naomi will always show her audience something they didn’t know about their favorite artist or the industry in general. Along with music industry commentary, she talks about popular culture and celebrities. 

Courtney is the go-to YouTuber if you need a good laugh. Her videos focus on internet culture: tiktok trends/recipes, reddit confessions and gaming content. She is completely unfiltered. On her vlog channel, she goes in depth about her personal life. Both channels show off her comedic personality and you’re guaranteed to never get bored.

Despite the channel name, Gabi doesn’t post Netflix videos on her channel. Her videos consist of edits that make fun of and romanticize the latest television show or movie. Gabi’s edits are hilarious but they also make you see your favorite tv show in a different way. Along with edits, she has watch parties where she purposely chooses a tv show or movie she does not like. Usually the movies are corny in nature but her reaction is what makes the video so entertaining to watch. Gabi will give you that laugh you need after a long day of school.

Kianna is most known for her vlogs where she documents her travels. Her travel videos are soothing and make you feel like you are there with her. Not only that, her videos have a cinematic feel that makes you think you are watching a movie. Throughout her adventures, she talks about learning Spanish, Colombian culture and her hair journey. She dabbles in fashion and beauty videos as well. Kianna has a positive big sister vibe and you can’t help but want to root for her.

Zach’s channel has a way of feeling like you're right at home. His confessional-like personality always makes you feel like you’re on the inside of a joke. He reacts to music videos and pop culture in general. Zach also has a podcast where people from the music industry talk about their experiences (he is a musician himself). 

Terrell is most known for “The Terrell Show” where he interviews upcoming artists and seasoned veterans in the music industry. His interview style is truly unique: he has a 10 second word association game segment that is sure to get you rolling out of your seat! He also has the “T and Coco” show (featuring Coco Jones) where they go on wacky adventures and do odd challenges. What makes Terrell one of a kind is he truly loves the artists he is interviewing where it feels more like a conversation between two old friends. 

While Black people get one month of official recognition, these creators deserve to be supported all year round. I hope you have found your new favorite YouTuber from this list. Happy Black History Month!


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