The ASP Staff 

Editor in Chief: Tessa Sutherland  

Hello! My name is Tessa Sutherland, I am a senior majoring in Journalism with a dual minor in Documentary and Communication. I have been involved in the ASP since my sophomore year doing social media, editing, outreach and writing, and am excited to be Editor-in-Chief. I am interested in audience connection through all forms of media. I spent this past summer working on the ASP website, on a movie as a production assistant, and have previously interned for the Albany County Government as a video editor.


I am excited to bring new content to the ASP through our recent projects including podcasting and videography. After college I will apply my passion for media into the real world, seeking opportunities to communicate compelling content across channels both nationally and internationally.


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Executive Editor: Meghan Brink

I believe student newspapers play an important role in uniting a student body by promoting transparency and highlighting a variety of student voices. Serving as the ASP’s  Executive Editor and providing oversight to the news section has given me the opportunity to serve this goal. 

I am a junior double majoring in Journalism and Political Science. After graduation I hope to work in political journalism covering issues related to economic inequality and poverty. I am particularly interested in using storytelling as a tool to allow the general public to better understand their own political opinions and their connection to their government and the policy that affects them. One of my biggest idols is Hannah Nicole-Jones. 


I have previously worked as the ASP’s news editor and have interned with New York StateWatch, where I sometimes continue to contribute freelance work.


Managing EditoR: Cameron Cupp 

I joined the Albany Student Press staff in the Fall of 2018 as a sports writer, covering primarily football, basketball, and baseball. I was later fortunate enough to be elevated to Sports Section Editor in the Spring of 2020, and I am excited to be working alongside our editorial staff as Managing Editor this semester.

I am a senior double majoring in Political Science and History. I focus my studies on American politics and social issues, and European history of the 20th century. After graduation, I plan to attend law school, and become a lawyer in the United States Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. My biggest inspirations are Robert F. Kennedy and Thurgood Marshall.

I have previously worked with the Hudson Headwaters Health Network and the New York State Senate.



News EditoR: Saba Mann

I started reporting news for the ASP as a freshman in 2019, and am thrilled to be joining as news editor! I’m a senior graduating this semester, and double majoring in Journalism and Political Science, and minoring in Law & Philosophy. I’m also originally from the Capital Region. 


I hope to be uncovering various political issues that otherwise go largely unnoticed, and tackle the problems of the world as a reporter after graduation. As long as I am helping others, or giving people a voice, I’ll be happy. 


Currently, I work as a Communications Intern at The Business Council of New York State.



News editor: Sumaiya Nasir

Hey everyone, my name is Sumaiya and I’m a Junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Art History. I recently joined the ASP because I wanted to gain more writing experience, and am now the News Section Editor. I’ve always been drawn to political journalism specifically because I like the idea of uncovering the truth and informing the public on issues that affect them, and I love to write – I thought why not combine my two interests!


In my free time I can be seen reading or binging my favorite shows. I also enjoy art (though I suck at it myself), photography, astrology and listening to music.



Sports EditoR: Edwards Kemedijo

My name is Edwards Kemedjio, and I am the sports editor for the Albany Student Press. I’m originally from Rochester, New York which is about an hour east of Buffalo. Sports have always been a part of my life. I played football, soccer, tennis, and ran track in high school with track and field being the sport that I was most successful in. I have always been a pro sports fanatic as well. My favorite teams are the Miami Heat, New Orleans Saints, and FC Barcelona.


As a journalism major, I came to the University at Albany knowing that I wanted to write so I joined the ASP at my first opportunity. I spent my first year as a writer, my second year as an assistant editor, and I look forward to spending this year as a sports editor. Some hobbies I have are pickup basketball, reading, and listening to audiobooks. After college, I hope to be a beat writer and work my way up to my dream job as a columnist for a major sports publication.



Arts and Culture EditoR: Teresa Pavia  

Hello, my name is Teresa and I am the Life & Entertainment editor. I am a New York City native, and am going into my junior year working towards a degree in Public Policy with a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. 

I am an avid consumer of content and observer of culture, and find great interest in the phenomenon that is human nature. At any given moment I can be found discussing current events and hot button issues, or whether concealer should come before or after foundation (the right answer is after). 

On my off time I enjoy hiking, reading, eating, and scrolling on TikTok. 


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Photo Editor: Richel Boroh

Hello everyone, my name is Richel and I am the Photo Editor. I am a Junior with a double major in Biology and Journalism and a minor in Neuroscience. I have been a part of the Albany Student Press since my Freshman year where I was a photographer.  I have always been fascinated with news reporting so I decided to pursue Journalism. I  intend to become a science journalist down the line. 

I am excited to still be a part of the ASP and I hope to help bring the news as it should be to all students. 




Social Media EditoR: DaniellE Modica

With a strong passion for writing and all things media, I am looking forward to serving as the ASP's social media manager. I'm a second year student studying Business and Journalism at UAlbany. Social media plays a huge role in how modern news reaches wider audiences, especially college students, so I'm happy to be a part of spreading the word!


In the future I hope to get involved with music industry media or marketing; I am also currently an intern for NYS Music, a local music news publication.



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CopyEditor: Emma Moynihan

Hi everyone! I started off as a news reporter for the ASP and am now one of the copy editors. 


I’m a junior majoring in Criminal Justice with minors in Journalism and Psychology. After college, I plan on attending law school. 


I took my first journalism course my freshman year and added journalism as one of my minors a couple weeks after the first class. 


I’ve always loved to write and the newspaper has been the perfect way for me to continue to do so while also keeping others up to date on local news. 


Copy EditoR: Kystile Fajardo

Hello! I'm Krystlle, a senior majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. I have a love for reading, writing, and being part of that in some capacity on campus, and polishing the ASP's articles where news is disseminated in the written form, reinforce that passion. I want to work with a great marketing team in the publishing or media industry once I graduate. 

I enjoy watching sitcoms and a good anime show every now and then. I like baking when I get the chance, too. Happy to be part of this team!

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copy editor: Calvin Dimming

Hello! My name is Calvin Dimmig, and I am an English major pursuing a Philosophy and Creative Writing minor. I am from Buffalo, NY--where we take our wings very seriously.


I started writing for the ASP this semester, and with my previous experience in editing, the staff offered me the copy editor position. I feel the editing process is beautiful, especially when multiple people get to debate grammar, syntax, and style, while learning things about the world and each other, as human beings. 


Some of my hobbies include reading, collecting old records, thrifting, playing video games, and, a new favorite of mine, axe-throwing.


Business Manager: Camryn Burrell 

Hi everyone! My name is Camryn Burrell and I’m the business manager for the  Albany Press.

Im very excited to join the Albany press this year and further my growth and passion for business. With the rapid growth of social media and online sharing, I’m very excited to get hands on experience with digital media sharing. Advertising and branding has always been a field of interest for me and I’m eager to apply my communication and networking skills to this position. 

I’m currently a senior studying business administration with concentrations in Marketing and management and enjoy hanging out with friends and being active in free time.