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Danielle Modica


With a strong passion for writing and all things media, I am looking forward to serving as the ASP's Editor-in-Chief. I oversee the multimedia expansion of the ASP, through our podcast "ASP Echo" and social media. I have been involved with the ASP since my freshman year.

I'm a senior studying Business Administration and Journalism at UAlbany. After graduation, I plan to expand my career endeavors into the music entertainment industry, where I hope to promote various acts through press releases and marketing campaigns.

I have previously worked as the ASP’s executive editor as well as social media manager. I have also previously interned with New York State Music based in Albany, where I occasionally contribute freelance work. 

Teresa Pavia.jpg

Teresa Pavia

Managing Editor

Hello, my name is Teresa and I am the managing editor. I am a New York City native, and am in my senior year working towards a degree in Public Policy with a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. 

I am an avid consumer of content and observer of culture, and find great interest in the phenomenon that is human nature. At any given moment I can be found discussing current events and hot button issues, or whether concealer should come before or after foundation (the right answer is after). 

On my off time I enjoy hiking, reading, eating, and scrolling on TikTok. 

Henry Fisher.jpg

Henry Fisher

News Editor

After helping as a copy editor for the Spring 2022 paper, I am excited to come back this year as the news editor! I originally joined the ASP to learn a different style of writing than I was accustomed to — that being creative writing.

I am a second-year student double majoring in Communications and English. I hope to eventually work in a publishing house, and continue working in the written word. In my free time, I like to make maps, go hiking, and read.

This year, I hope to expand the ASP’s outreach and bring in more consistent writers!

Kathryn Taleporos.jpg

Kathryn Taleporos

Asst. Arts and Culture Editor

Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn Taleporos and I am majoring in Public Policy, and minoring in Journalism. In the future I plan on going to law school! I’m from Colonie, New York (about 20 minutes from Albany), and I am a freshman!

Outside of the ASP, I spend a lot of my time outside in nature. I spend my summers in the woods as a camp counselor, and during breaks I work at an elementary school before and after school program! I also love listening to music (especially Taylor Swift), and spending time with friends and family.

Christian Hince.jpg

Christian Hince

Sports Editor

Hello everybody! I’m a junior at UAlbany majoring in journalism with an informatics minor. Having become Sports Editor this past October, I started as an ASP writer during the Spring of 2020, having done work for Sports, Arts & Culture, and News. 


I’m interested in journalism because I appreciate the craft of writing, I love interacting with people and the intensity of news reporting excites me.


I host a weekly radio show on UAlbany’s radio station, WCDB 90.9 FM, and have also written as an intern for regional outlet NYS Music. I’m a passionate sports fan and love listening to music, in-ear or in-person.

Shawn Ness.jpg

Shawn Ness

Copy Editor

Hi all, my name is Shawn Ness, I am a Journalism Major and Political Science Minor in my junior year. I started out as a field reporter for the ASP my freshman year and will now be a copy editor.

In my free time I enjoy weight lifting, reading, and writing. I've always loved to write and love listening to people stories.

Samantha Simmons2.jpg

Samantha Simmons

Copy Editor

I’m Samantha and I am a Journalism major in my senior year. I’m a local, from Mechanicville! Outside of the ASP I write for a small local paper and work at a running specialty store. I spend a lot of time running and you can usually find me at a concert or out with my friends most weekends.


Sam Srungaram

Business Manager

Hi, My name is Sam Srungaram and I am a senior with a double major in Business Administration and Financial Market Regulation. This is my first year in the ASP, and I look forward to contributing to the organization. I have always had an interest in Journalism and am so excited to observe the writing process.

Looking forward, I plan to continue using the administrative skills the ASP has given me to further my career in Finance.

In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and playing video games.

Liv Stephani.jpg

Liv Stephani

Social Media Manager

My name is Olivia, but I usually go by Liv, and I am a rising senior this semester at SUNY Albany. This is my second semester being a part of the ASP and I am so excited to learn more and make connections as the Social Media Manager.


In my free time, I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends, and going on road trips during the weekends. I am extremely passionate about all things reading, writing, and people, and I am very excited for the opportunity to cultivate all these passions through the ASP this semester!

Sophia LoRe.jpg

Sophia LoRe

Asst. Social Media Manager

Hello! My name is Sophia LoRe! I am a junior here at UAlbany, majoring in English with a minor in Educational Studies. 


Fall 2022 was my first semester writing and creating posts for the ASP and I look forward to working as the Assistant Social Media Manager this spring! I love meeting new people and interacting with others and I cannot wait to interact with all of you through our social media platforms. 


In my free time I enjoy reading new books, hunting down my next favorite song and spending time with my loved ones.

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