The ASP Staff 

Editor in Chief: Sumaiya Nasir 

Hi, my name is Sumaiya Nasir and I am a senior studying Journalism with a dual minor in Creative Writing and Art History. I first joined the ASP in my Junior Year as the News Editor, and I'm so excited to be Editor-in-Chief! I'm very passionate about student journalism and I am grateful for the opportunity to give students an outlet for their writing, whether that be through news reporting, creative writing, or multimedia.

Following graduation, I plan on applying my editing and writing skills in the book publishing industry and working on my own novel. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and daydreaming whilst listening to my favorite musical artists.



Executive Editor: Danielle Modica

With a strong passion for writing and all things media, I am looking forward to serving as the ASP's Executive Editor. I oversee the multimedia expansion of the ASP, through our podcast "ASP Echo" and social media. I have been involved with the ASP since my freshman year.

I'm a senior studying Business Administration and Journalism at UAlbany. After graduation, I plan to expand my career endeavors into the music entertainment industry, where I hope to promote various acts through press releases and marketing campaigns.

I have previously worked as the ASP’s social media manager and have interned with New York State Music based in Albany, where I occasionally contribute freelance work. I also work part-time at festivals and events with the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ.


Managing EditoR: Teresa Pavia 

Hello, my name is Teresa and I am the managing editor. I am a New York City native, and am going into my junior year working towards a degree in Public Policy with a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. 

I am an avid consumer of content and observer of culture, and find great interest in the phenomenon that is human nature. At any given moment I can be found discussing current events and hot button issues, or whether concealer should come before or after foundation (the right answer is after). 

On my off time I enjoy hiking, reading, eating, and scrolling on TikTok. 



News EditoR: Henry Fisher

After helping as a copy editor for the Spring 2022 paper, I am excited to come back this year as the news editor! I originally joined the ASP to learn a different style of writing than I was accustomed to — that being creative writing.

I am a second-year student double majoring in Communications and English. I hope to eventually work in a publishing house, and continue working in the written word. In my free time, I like to make maps, go hiking, and read.

This year, I hope to expand the ASP’s outreach and bring in more consistent writers!



Sports EditoR: Edwards Kemedijo

My name is Edwards Kemedjio, and I am the sports editor for the Albany Student Press. I’m originally from Rochester, New York which is about an hour east of Buffalo. Sports have always been a part of my life. I played football, soccer, tennis, and ran track in high school with track and field being the sport that I was most successful in. I have always been a pro sports fanatic as well. My favorite teams are the Miami Heat, New Orleans Saints, and FC Barcelona.


As a journalism major, I came to the University at Albany knowing that I wanted to write so I joined the ASP at my first opportunity. I spent my first year as a writer, my second year as an assistant editor, and I look forward to spending this year as a sports editor. Some hobbies I have are pickup basketball, reading, and listening to audiobooks. After college, I hope to be a beat writer and work my way up to my dream job as a columnist for a major sports publication.



Arts and Culture EditoR: Tatum koster  

I grew up just outside of Syracuse, NY (yes, I do in fact bleed orange) and I am an English major with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism.

My passion for writing stems from my fascination with the vast difference in human life. I believe that every person walking on this earth has a unique and precious story to tell, you just have to look for it. Within my final semester here at UAlbany I hope to discover as many of those stories as I can and carry them with me as I further my career as a writer and editor.



Social Media Manager: Liv stephani

My name is Olivia, but I usually go by Liv, and I am a rising senior this semester at SUNY Albany. This is my second semester being a part of the ASP and I am so excited to learn more and make connections as the Social Media Manager.


In my free time, I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends, and going on road trips during the weekends. I am extremely passionate about all things reading, writing, and people, and I am very excited for the opportunity to cultivate all these passions through the ASP this semester!




Copy Editor: Emma Moynihan

Hi everyone! I started off as a news reporter for the ASP and am now one of the copy editors. I’m a senior majoring in Criminal Justice with minors in Journalism and Psychology. After college, I plan on attending law school. 


Besides being a copy editor, I'm also a tour guide at UAlbany, the president of the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team and the public relations chair for Epsilon Delta Psi. In my free time I enjoy reading and running!


I’ve always loved to write and the newspaper has been the perfect way for me to continue to do so while also keeping others up to date on local news. 



Copy EditoR: Shawn ness

Hi all, my name is Shawn Ness, I am a Journalism Major and Political Science Minor going into my junior year. I started out as a field reporter for the ASP my freshman year and will now be a copy editor.

In my free time I enjoy weight lifting, reading, and writing. I've always loved to write and love listening to people stories.



copy editor: fiona hernandez

Hello everyone! My name is Fiona, and this is my senior year at UAlbany. I'm majoring in journalism with minors in English and Spanish. 


I've been writing for the ASP since my second semester of my freshman year. I love collaborating with other writers on stories and interviewing students and faculty on campus. The ASP has also helped me in reaching my future career goals in print and broadcast journalism. 


During my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and journaling.



copy editor: Samantha Simmons

I’m Samantha and I am a Journalism major in my senior year. I’m a local, from Mechanicville! Outside of the ASP I write for a small local paper and work at a running specialty store. I spend a lot of time running and you can usually find me at a concert or out with my friends most weekends.



Business Manager: sam Srungaram

Hi, My name is Sam Srungaram and I am a senior with a double major in Business Administration and Financial Market Regulation. This is my first year in the ASP, and I look forward to contributing to the organization. I have always had an interest in Journalism and am so excited to observe the writing process.

Looking forward I plan to continue using the administrative skills the ASP has given me to further my career in Finance.

In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and playing video games.