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Byrdhouse: Albany’s Hub for Music Returns

By: Madison Wortman | September 3, 2021

Proximity Crush Performs at Byrdhouse (Photo Credit: The ASP)

Byrdhouse held its first show in over a year and a half on Aug. 21 after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the local music venue to close its doors to local students and music enthusiasts.

Student Zachary Murphy said, “I think a lot of people love Byrdhouse so much because it’s a place where like minded people can come together, be accepted, and enjoy the good music in a fun environment.”

The three bands that headlined their returning show were Proximity Crush, Jigsaw Youth, and Stella and the Reptilians.

Proximity Crush, an alternative band based in Albany, N.Y., started off the night at around 9:00pm. Max Sanchez, lead guitarist of Proximity Crush said, “I’m so happy to be doing this again. I thought it was all over and done with, but they can’t kill us so easy, you know?”

Shortly after was Jigsaw Youth, the all-female punk rock band based in Staten Island, N.Y.

University student Matthew Gonzales said, “Jigsaw Youth had amazing instrumentals. The atmosphere was really great.”

Attendees were amazed at the lead singer’s soothing yet intense vocals of Stella and the Reptilians, who closed out the show Saturday night. They are also an alternative band based in Albany, N.Y.

Although Byrdhouse is back, they do not plan to stay for long. Owner and co-creator of Byrdhouse Rachel Freeman said, “The main core group that started the Byrdhouse, myself included, have already graduated and when we move away from Albany, we plan to bring it with us.”

Rachel continued, “We have planned to move sometime in 2022. If we move before the academic year is over, we will help those who still live in Albany run Byrdhouse remotely and make sure they are all set to continue shows for the year.”

Byrdhouse, advertised as the ‘new hub for music in Albany’, will continue to host shows and new bands every other Saturday night at their new location, with the next show expected to be on Sept. 11.


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