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CAPS To Continue Offering 24-Hour Services

By Sydney Geoghan | March 7, 2022

Photo Credit: Stock Images

With the uptick in mental health crises among college students nationwide, Counseling and Psychological Services will continue to offer 24-hour services to all UAlbany students and faculty.

“CAPS does have 24-hour phone coverage so that students or others concerned about a student can reach a mental health professional for consultation at any time by calling the main CAPS phone number,” said Dr. Karen Sokolowski, director of Counseling and Psychological Services.

Last semester, more students sought out CAPS for their services, compared to previous semesters, an upwards trend that Dr. Sokolowski attributed to COVID-19. CAPS has recently begun to conduct in-person sessions, however, they continue to offer hybrid options based on student and clinician preference.

CAPS has hired one additional part-time staff psychologist, D. Ranjit Bhagwat, and CAPS is looking to further expand its staff in the future. Last semester, CAPS had only one full-time psychologist available, which is why they added additional services to assist students.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a mental health crisis, call Counseling and Psychological Services at (518) 442-3090.


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