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Changing Leaves and Changing Fashions: An Insider Look Into Fall Fashion 2023

By Angelina Ochoa | September 18, 2023

For most people, crisp cold weather can mean a ton of things: the beginning of autumn, Halloween, pumpkin picking, or hot chocolate. However, for those interested in fashion, it is the sign of a brand new wave of styles. Some of these looks are unique to this year, while others feature reworked classic styles. No matter the background, these fall staples will be sure to make a statement this season.

Starting off, according to Glamour Magazine, a signature color that will be sure to make its way around the fashion world this fall is no other than the bold, encapsulating red. Whether it be in the form of a turtle neck, pants, or even accessories, a splash of red is sure to grab attention, posing a type of versatility that is not expected when thinking of traditional earthy tones for fall.

British Vogue released a statement that all different shades of red, whether it be scarlet, crimson, ruby, and carmine stole the show at the red carpet. The magazine also pointed out just how much influence the color exerts onto us due to our primal instinct: its symbolization of passion, war, and adrenaline definitely highlights the power that is held in rocking a red outfit.

A wide-known trend that grabs every fall season by storm is Sweater Weather. Whether it be oversized knits or sweater vests, there are so many different ways to either dress up or dress down a warm, comfy sweater. The popular clothing brand Hollister is ramping up for the fall season with the recent promotion of their crew sweaters. These sweaters are sold in various styles and materials, including stripes and waffle-knit looks. A classic sweater is a great complement to either leggings or jeans.

Showing off some collarbone this fall may be quite the look, as Glamour Magazine reported the resurface of off the shoulder tops. Various looks can be achieved with this fashion top, with some designers including Jonathan Simkhai and Carolina Hererra adding their own spin with the addition of straps and puff sleeves.

As a cohesive unit, the concept of having all black outfits tied together with a Gothic Romance look is definitely taking shape this autumn. Long, black trench coats have made their way into stores, and are the perfect compliment to a turtleneck. When considering a goth look, designers point to the utilization of black, velvet, lace, and sheer. Seventeen Magazine emphasized that sheer tights are sure to highlight any outfit that consists of skirts, dresses, or ripped jeans, and come in various designs. There is also an emphasis on composing looks that feature ribbons, collars, and dark lipstick shades.

A spotlight is also being shone on the idea of business casual looks being incorporated into everyday wear. The term “laid back suiting” was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, which is the incorporation of suit details into casual looks. This includes fashion statements such as strapless vests and tuxedo tops.

This concept also ties into the new idea of “Quiet Luxury,” a look that was discussed by Seventeen Magazine. It gravitates to fashion looks that appear to be polished, well-fitted, and come off “clean” as opposed to being exclusive. Some pointers when it comes to creating this impression include the use of minimalist pieces that have the potential of being reworked into a monochrome outfit.

When it comes to tying an outfit together, a must-have in your closet this season is any sort of belt according to Teen Vogue. However, the usefulness of a belt does not stop at your bottoms. A belt can most definitely be used to cinch a dress, and can even be used as a bold fashion statement by wearing it across your chest.

Popular clothing brand H&M submitted a press release discussing what fashion looks would make up their fall line. The brand emphasized its plan to highlight a late 1990s inspired spread, including faux leather, pearl embellishments, and highlighting shades of black, silver, earth tones, and off-whites. The company also promoted looks including trouser suits, long dresses, and denim maxi skirts. Feminine details are also showcased, including pearls, bows, flounces, and pintucks.

Upon further investigation, Teen Vogue stated that bows are set to make a presence this season. What makes the utilization of bows so special is all the different ways they can be used when it comes to decorating fashion pieces. Bows can be seen in various items: hair ties, dresses, shoes, and bags. They can also be a major design factor when it comes to jewelry, seeing as they are visible in necklaces and earrings. The adaptability of bows is also something important to note, considering that it can fit a variety of aesthetics, including glam, goth, and balletcore.

Personally, I feel that these looks are very fitting for the season and are very eye-catching. Besides the fact of the look, the exploration of different fabrics and textures is very creative.

Nothing beats saying how you feel than sporting a bold statement tee according to Teen Vogue. No matter the way you dress it up, wearing a statement tee carries the energy of your outfit and radiates a certain kind of attention. These tees can be any sort of length: long sleeve, mesh, or a halter. Embroidered with eye-catching slogans and graphics, it is no doubt that these tees will make heads turn.

Last but definitely not least, the early 2000s are making their way back to the stage with the comeback of many Y2K looks, specific ones being low rise pants and skirts. Seventeen Magazine discussed how these baggy, oversized, and lower waist looks are not only a matter of style, but also comfort. Consumers find that low-rise clothing items fit more comfortably than the comparative high rise options considering that they do not cinch directly around the stomach. Essentials in this category include baggy pants, bootcut jeans, and floaty skirts.

Observing all of these trends, something that I find remarkable is the wide range of aesthetics, concepts, and creativity that is possible to achieve this fall season. Everyone has a certain style which they feel defines who they are. This fall definitely seems to promote inclusivity across a broad range of fashions, while highlighting several different combinations. Put together with the fall activities that people look forward to, these upcoming trends will be sure to release some autumn serotonin this year.


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