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Chris’ Weather Corner - “Cold Blast Pushing into East Coast Next Week”

By Chris Gilberti | October 17, 2022

6-10 day departure from normal temperature forecast.

Fall is now in full swing across the Northeast U.S. and here in Albany. Temperatures are cooling off and the leaves are changing fast. With a big push of cold air expected to envelop the East Coast next week, the foliage should be reaching its peak color very soon in the Albany area.

We have seen pretty average fall-like conditions through the month of October, but things are about to take a turn for the colder. A large, cold air mass with arctic origins will begin to push southward towards the U.S. East Coast come Monday and is expected to stick around for the majority of the week.

Come this time of year, arctic air masses moving south into the U.S. can begin to spark concerns of winter-like conditions, with this situation being no different. The coldest temperatures of the season will occur just about everywhere east of the Mississippi River, with near-freezing temperatures plunging into the deep south and near the Gulf Coast, as well as eastward to the Atlantic Coast. While temperatures just along the coast in the major cities will stay above freezing, it is likely many areas further inland, possibly including Albany or nearby areas, will see their first freeze of the season. While we can normally expect a frost/freeze around this time of year in the Albany area, regions to the south getting in on this cold will be well ahead of schedule.

In addition to the cold temperatures, some places could even see their first snowflakes of the season. The first accumulating snow of the season is being forecast for parts of interior Michigan as these cold temperatures move across the relatively warm Great Lakes, causing lake-effect snow showers. This may also occur in parts of western NY, where the system bringing that cold air could cause some lake effect snowflakes to be seen, though it is unlikely much of that will accumulate. Finally, this system could bring some snow showers to higher elevations of the Adirondacks and interior New England. While it remains unlikely that Albany gets in on any of that, it will be clear by next week that winter is knocking on our door.


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