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Club Spotlight: Klosure Dance Team

By Marc Padilla | February 6, 2023

Klosure Dance Team

Photo Credit: Shaniah Newport

Klosure, the UAlbany Korean-Pop dance team, held their General Interest Meeting last Saturday, Jan. 27 in the Campus Center Dance Studio. The groups showed off their incredible skills, flashy outfits, and stunning stage presence to a wave of newcomers interested in joining the team.

“Any student interested in joining Klosure was invited to come and watch us perform and get more information about tryouts,” Secretary of Klosure and Captain of Team Bubblegum Pop Lupe Melgarejo said. “Every team had a time limit of three minutes and thirty seconds and at the end, the audience chose the winning team.”

The entire Klosure team was split into three groups and performed three genres of K-pop, Bubblegum Pop, Teen Crush, and Sexy/Mature.

The stakes were high for this friendly competition as no group held back, maximum energy and effort went into everything.

The first team, Team Bubblegum Pop, focused on the theme of love and happiness and were under the leadership of P.R. Chair Meagan and Secretary Lupe. The team covered Gee by Girls’ Generation, Me Gustas Tu by GFriend, Pretty U by Seventeen, Red Flavor by Red Velvet, Candy by H.O.T, and What is Love? by TWICE. The brightly colored outfits and lively presentation appealed to the audience and helped brighten the mood.

The second team, Team Teen Crush, covered the self-love and charismatic side of K-Pop as they were guided by Vice President Lucinda and Treasurer Jenna. The duo led their team with a powerful selection of songs with a focus on self-motivation. Their selection consisted of Picky Picky by Weki Meki, Stereotype by STAYC, Dalla Dalla by ITZY, and No Celestial by LE SSERAFIM. The refreshing blend of strong and upbeat songs caught the audience’s attention as they showcased one of the best concepts in the genre.

The last team, Team Sexy/Mature, covered the more explicit aspects of K-Pop as Social Chair Faith and President of Klosure Syd guided the team. The seductive concept had big shoes to fill if they were to win the competition. Their mix consisted of Age of Ceremony by Park Ji Yoon, The 7th Sense by NCT U, Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS, Inception by ATEEZ, The Eve by EXO, and concluded with Something by Girl’s Day. The alluring movement captured the attention of everyone as they dominated the stage in a way never seen before.

Though the battle was a tough one to judge, in the end, Team Sexy emerged victorious. To celebrate, Team Sexy enjoyed a meal prepared by President Syd.

"We devoured," Team Sexy team-member Faith said on the win. "The Eve always brings out the sexy side of people, this is why everyone should stan EXO."

According to Melgarejo, Klosure has multiple events throughout the semester. Some events require tickets for audience members, but some are free of cost. To perform, interested candidates must audition. Practices in preparation for events are held Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

“We are very excited to see Klosure’s group members expand,” Melgarejo said. “We cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester will hold for us!”


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