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Crime Blotter (10/28-11/3)

By Henry Fisher | November 7, 2022

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Oct. 28 - University Police Officers responded to a report of graffiti at Liberty Terrace. The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 29 - At the Physical Education Complex, the UPD responded to a report of an altercation. Both parties were separated, and no charges are pending at this time.

Oct. 30 - The University Police responded to a report of an incapacitated subject. Upon their arrival, it was determined that the subject was under the influence of unknown substances. The subject was transported to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Oct. 31 - On University Drive West, the UPD found a driver to be driving while intoxicated during a traffic stop. The subject was arrested.

Nov. 1 - The UPD responded to a report of graffiti at the Lacrosse Field. The investigation is ongoing.

Nov. 2 - At the Campus Center, the University Police executed a bench warrant and transported the subject to APC.

Nov. 3 - The UPD, during a traffic stop in the Dutch Quad Parking Lot, found a subject to be operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. The subject was arrested.


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