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Crime Blotter (3/1 - 3/7)

By Jaden Burke | March 11, 2024

Photo Credit: Maceo Foster / The ASP

March 1 -  The University Police Department (UPD) responded to a report of terrorist threats and threats of mass harm in the Campus Center. This individual was arrested.

March 2 - UPD responded to a report of first-degree rape in Hamilton Hall on Colonial Quad. The investigation is ongoing. 

March 3 - UPD responded to a report of an incapacitated person in Mohawk Tower on Indigenous Quad. This individual was transported for emergency treatment and evaluation. A report is on file.

March 4 - UPD received a report of unauthorized advertisements being posted on the Social Science building. The advertisements were taken down, but the investigation is still ongoing. 

March 7 - UPD responded to a report of a person in crisis in Steinmetz Hall in State Quad. This individual was taken into custody due to concern they might harm someone. The patient was transported for evaluation, and a report is on file.


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