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Hispanic Heritage Month Events at UAlbany

By Fiona Hernandez | October 3, 2022

University at Albany cultural clubs, Cultural Connections and Fuerza Latina, are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with various events to engage and educate students on-campus.

El Comienzo Event

Photo Credit: Fiona Hernandez / The ASP

Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrating people who are of Hispanic heritage and Latinx descent, is celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. According to the U.S. Census website, Hispanic Heritage Month was proclaimed by Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan to last from September 15 until October 15. September 15 serves as an important part in history for many Latin American countries, as it marks the day of the independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua from Spain.

Cultural Connections, is an on-campus club that celebrates every culture. The club hosted La Loca Hora, translating to “The Crazy Hour” in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. UAlbany student and Cultural Connections Secretary María Villacreses Valarezo hosted the event to celebrate all the Latin American and Hispanic cultures.

“La Hora Loca was an event organized by Cultural Connections in which we tried to recreate festivities so that our Latin American peers and people from other cultures can learn about Hispanic roots and traditions,” Villacreses Valarezo said. “The general objective was to imitate a party in Latin America (full of energy, happiness, and good music) and thanks to the good vibes of all those who attended, we can say that our goal was fulfilled.”

La Hora Loca activities involved musical chairs, piñata, and a fun night of music and dancing. The Latin Chapter of the Medical Students Association (LMSA) and members of the Fuego Intenso Dance Team teamed up to teach attendees how to dance bachata.

“The name ‘La Hora Loca’ comes from a short period of time in the middle of the event where everyone goes crazy, the music is danceable and the atmosphere is full of great energy,” Villacreses Valarezo said.

Photo from the La Hora Loca Photo Booth

Photo Credit: Maria Villacreses Valarezo

Fuerza Latina is another organization on campus that recognizes the Latinx community. El Comienzo, an event they hosted this past Thursday, is a celebration of Hispanic/Latinx culture followed by dinner, music and a photo booth.

University at Albany President Havidán Rodriguez shares the importance of celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month as well as the other cultures represented on this campus because of UAlbany’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“It’s important to celebrate all cultures to engage in the diversity of UAlbany,” Rodriguez said.


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