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Honors College to Host First Ever Semi-Formal

By Lily Magurno | March 11, 2024

A graphic made to showcase the Honors College Semi-Formal.

Photo Credit: UAlbany Honors College

In honor of the end of midterms and the start of spring break, the Honors College is hosting its first semi-formal dance. Open to all honors students this free event promotes relaxation and fun to ring in the week-long break following it. It will take place on March 14 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. and non-honors students are welcome to attend as a guest of an honors student.

This follows the Honors College’s creation of a student governing board which has helped create community-based events for honors students. Dr. David Goldsmith, director of the Honors College, gave credit for the event to the student representatives for the Honors College. 

“I think a lot of the reason that it’s actually happening is that we now have the Honors College student governing board,” Goldsmith said. “That is new this year and they’ve really impressed me with the degree to which they are taking responsibility for the Honors College program.” 

The student governing board has been working hard throughout this semester to put together the semi-formal. “It’s been all hands on deck coming up with this idea and executing it,” James Cuddy, president of the governing board, said.

The semi-formal will be the event of the semester according to Goldsmith, who stated “In terms of a big ‘to do’ that the entire Honors College comes to, this is going to be the big one.” 

The date for the dance was purposely scheduled to have the biggest and most fun turn out. 

“I know people will be here on Thursday for classes, and they might leave on that Friday so might as well have a great time that Thursday night,” Cuddy said. The event will feature a dinner catered by UAlbany and a DJ.

For those considering going, there’s no stress in taking “semi-formal” too seriously. First year representative Lorraine Affigne encouraged students to dress how they want, saying “There is no dress code, take semi-formal as you take it. People can interpret it as they want to and wear whatever they want.” 

The dance is set to the theme “The Secret Garden.” Affigne talked about the thought process behind the theme, saying, “It’s very ethereal. It’s kind of what we went with, with the spring time and blossoming coming up.”

The Honors College is hoping for a big turn out that could possibly turn this dance into an annual event. “We’re really putting our best foot forward for everyone and we really want them to have a great time.” Cuddy said, encouraging people to come and destress from midterms. RSVP forms for the event are available by email to all honors students. 

For those still thinking about attending, Goldsmith said, “Get dressed up, put on your dancing shoes and have a good time.”


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