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Joey B, AFC Champ, Fashion Icon

By: Tatum Koster and Ryan DeLasho

Joe Shiesty, Joe Brrrr, Joe Cool, Jackpot Joey, Franchise Joe, but no Super Bowl Joe, are just a few nicknames Bengals sophomore quarterback, Joseph Burrow, has accumulated over his very short professional career. His unmatched swagger, his unique pre-game outfits, and his tenacious on-field play have elevated his name to stardom outside of his exceptional skill on the field.

Pictured above, is Joe following his NCAA national championship victory against Clemson University. The picture is symbolic of Burrow’s cool, calm, and confident persona. Many people thought that his self-confidence and borderline egotistical nature would not transition successfully into the pros. Safe to say that Joe Cool proved them wrong.

There is no doubt that Burrow's progression on the field is evident, however, Burrow is also elevating his talents in other fields outside of football with his style.

The relationship between fashion and professional athletes has taken a huge leap in the last decade. Style has evolved within professional athletes not just in the NFL. Stars from every sport have taken their stabs at fashion, from strutting the walkway at fashion shows, promoting unreleased styles from luxury brands, to their own fashion lines. The world of fashion gives professional athletes an outlet for self-expression, and a way to show off their several comma paychecks.

The Super Bowl is indisputably one of the biggest sporting events of the year with over 100 million viewers nationwide. It’s only acceptable for the players to show out their best attire to prepare for their performance. Burrow understood the task, and despite it being his first Superbowl appearance, he did not disappoint.

He strutted into the locker room sporting a custom grey and black striped suit paired with Dior Jordans and black shades. The cherry on top of it all was a Gambler, flat-brim cowboy hat that gave his modern look a small hint of western. This sleek and powerful look gained the attention of his fans and the Rams fans who were quick to comment on his outfit and his post-game activities.

Burrow was spotted on stage at a close friend and musical star, Kid Cudi’s, after-party. Many thought it was unprofessional for the team’s quarterback to be out at a party after taking such a major loss. Some argued that this goes to show Burrow’s character as an athlete. He was still the last player to exit the locker room after the game but he wasn’t going to let this loss follow him off the field. Burrow is well aware of his skill level in relation to his experience in the league. His ability to live with a loss just further demonstrates his admirable confidence.

Burrow’s style isn’t always as over the top as last week’s exhibition. After the franchise’s first playoff win in 31-years on January 15th, Burrow attended the press conference in a plain white tee with purple Cartier sunglasses. Images of the interview quickly flooded social media creating an internet frenzy around his iconic shades. Slowly transforming him into America's newest heartthrob.

When asked about the sunnies in the interview he responded with a typical Burrow reply, “I just think they’re pretty cool, what do you think?” Yet another moment displaying his casual sense of style and goofy character. He doesn’t pressure himself to follow any fashion guidelines, he simply expresses his personality through his wardrobe.

Yes, Joe Cool likes his Cartier, Dior, Gucci, and other luxurious brands, but he also uses his platform to showcase local hometown brands. He supports one of his closest hometown friends by wearing his brand, Live2Love. One shot of the heart-filled sherpa jacket was all it took for fans to decide they needed to get their hands on a piece of Burrow swag, skyrocketing the small businesses’ sales in the blink of an eye.

Growing up in Athens County, the most impoverished county in the state of Ohio, Burrow witnessed the harsh realities of poverty and its correlation with hunger struggles. Earlier in the season, he sported unique cleats on the turf which read “Athen’s County Food Pantry” and “Foundation for Application Ohio” on the sides. These held a lot of weight for Burrow and his, “Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund” which works to combat hunger struggles within Southern Ohio. Although Joe blossoms with self-confidence and swagger, he doesn't forget where he came from and stays true to his values.

Bengals fans or not, we’re all going to have to accept the fact that Joe Burrow is going to stay in the limelight from here on out. I have to admit, I’m not mad about it either, how can you not love the guy.


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