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Magana Impeached by SA Senate Over Role in Election Overturn Attempt

By Cameron Cupp with reporting from Jack Besterman and Hannah Joseph | September 20, 2021

On Wednesday, an anonymous source within the Student Association Senate confirmed to the Albany Student Press that former chief justice of the SA Supreme Court, Thomas Magana, has been impeached.

Magana was part of an attempt to overturn a decision made by the Elections Commission which declared SA President Abdoullah Goudiaby the winner of last spring’s general election.

This occurred when associates of the losing candidate, Bryan Ramsaran, introduced a bill named For the 51 Percent which would install himself as president.

This bill passed by an undisclosed margin, which led Magana, who was chief justice at the time, to swear in Ramsaran following the vote, Magana was subsequently removed through a vote of no-confidence by his Supreme Court peers, as his conduct was deemed to be unethical.

The anonymous source has also told the ASP that the Senate voted to impeach Magana with almost unanimous support.

Next, Magana will stand trial in the Supreme Court and face conviction.


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