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Opinion: Kim Kardashian is Not Funny, but She Can Act

By: Shannon Crowley | October 18, 2021

On Saturday, Oct. 9, Kim Kardashian hit the stage of Saturday Night Live as host, bringing along several family members and celebrity guests to help her.

Although Saturday Night Live has been making jokes and skits about the Kardashian-Jenner family for years, this was the first time they appeared on screen. Not only was Kim on the show, but her mother Kris Jenner and sister Khloe Kardashian starred in other sketches as well.

This episode was jam-packed with celebrity guests like Chris Rock, John Cena, Amy Schumer and more. Each sketch had something to do with Kardashian’s personal life, including a memorable sketch where Kardashian pretended to be her older sister Kourtney as a judge.

Traditionally, Saturday Night Live chooses its host based on popularity. Even Kim made a joke during her monologue about her 335 million followers seeing what she does every day compared to the 10 million that watch Saturday Night Live every week.

The Kardashian’s reality show came to its conclusion earlier this year in June 2021, allowing Kardashian to have more free time to host the whole show. Although Kardashian was never the funniest one in the skit, I think she did extremely well on the show. This is probably due to her reality show acting skills. Constantly being in front of the camera since 2007 gives the Kardashians 14 years of experience.

Kardashian also shared a smooch with SNL actor Pete Davidson as they acted in an “Aladdin” skit. This was a smart public relations move, knowing that Davidson is a crowd favorite with younger generations, and this scene would have a lot of people talking about the show.

My overall thoughts are that Kardashian did a good job. She came to act, and so she did. Her monologue was comical, and although she did not write it, I think she has good comedic timing.

Many tabloids and papers have been saying that they thought she was boring on the show. I agree with this to some extent, but I do think she has good acting skills. Who knows what other doors will open and opportunities will spark in the Kar-Jenner clan, but I am sure this will not be their last appearance. With their family reality show over, they must be looking for new ways to spend their time.


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