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Republicans are the Real "Snowflakes"

By Max Weissman

Before I get into the gore and heavily biased part of this article, I would just like to define the word that crazed Republicans have been calling people within the Democratic party: “snowflake.”

With a quick search on, you can see that a snowflake is someone “who is easily offended or felt they needed a ‘safe space’ away from the harsh realities of the world.”

Just from my observations from watching the news or YouTube clips of Fox News, I see the term snowflake used mostly by far-right Republicans who are calling out people on the left protesting about something that contradicts their opinion.

Going by the definition of snowflake mentioned above, how would these protesters be snowflakes if they are the ones facing the things they see as problems in our society and try to make them better? Wouldn’t the snowflakes be those angry at the very mention of doing things a bit different?

In reality, it is the Republicans, especially those on the far-right, who fear the harsh realities of the world and get easily offended when their values get questioned. Think of the violent, angry and tone-deaf reactions of Republicans when faced with the question of the tiniest bit of gun control, in the midst of a countless flow of mass shootings.

If a snowflake is someone who gets offended too easily, thinking that people who just want to not be shot are somehow threatening you definitely fits the bill.

People on both sides, the far-right and the far-left, tend to struggle at being open-minded. If you have ever seen any left-wing versus right-wing debates on any platform, you will notice that the far-right will often bring personal values into their argument.

Psychology says that once an argument starts to include peoples’ values, there is no hope in changing anyone’s mind. Values tend to be ingrained within a person. So, if someone questions their values, it makes sense to take it very personally.

Once personal values are involved, all logic and facts go out the window. But it is the Republicans who far too often demand their values be catered to at all costs, and who dismiss anyone who doesn’t conform to them.

If a snowflake is someone crying because others don’t agree, Republican name-callers need to look in the mirror.

If both sides act like snowflakes at least some of the time, then the real consideration is what values people are getting offending about. What action, situation or issue is causing the dissatisfied and angry calls for or against change?

When our values, identities and beliefs are attacked, people have a tendency to clam up and get defensive. In truth, the only snowflakes are those unwilling to acknowledge when they’re in the wrong, or unwilling to acknowledge that another point of view even exists.

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