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Spooky and Adorable Dorm Room Door Decorations

By Brianna Collora

Like the ghosts that can be seen on door decorations, the Halloween spirit is alive within students who have gotten festive for the spooky season.

Although many walls and doors are bare throughout the residence halls, some creativity can be found on doors with spider webs, skeletons, caution tape, and more.

Sophomores Maggie Roosa, Elizabeth Hathaway, Renee Potasiewicz, and Chaya Gitelson got crafty with their decorations, which they gained inspiration for from the internet, but later had fun customizing.

To celebrate, the girls have been listening to Halloween playlists, watching Halloween movies, and decorating more than just their suite door. Inside, they have a themed “holiday tree,” a fake tree which they plan to decorate for each major holiday, including Halloween.

“We like going all out for holidays,” Roosa said. “Even if the rest of the hall doesn’t participate, as a suite we like to.”

They found the process of making the decorations and hanging them up to be a bonding experience that gave them a chance to take a break from their studies and return to a simpler time of elementary school crafting. “It was a very good stress reliever,” Potasiewicz said.

Sophomores Tyler Charles, Hector Crespo, and Christian Mercado had a spooky “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme, the Halloween movie Crespo plans to watch on the holiday.

Though Crespo is saving “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for Halloween, he says his favorite Halloween movie is “Monster House.”

They are getting into the spirit in more ways than just decorations. “Everyday I watch a different Halloween movie for 30 days,” Crespo said. “I have a new movie each day.”

Sophomores Alex Glasser and Trey Lapham’s suite door is all handmade, and makes campus feel a little more like home.

“I normally decorate my house when I’m home, and I wanted to do it here,” Glasser said. He didn’t want to just get his decorations from the store, and decided to make almost all of the decorations, including the wooden planks, bats in the “windows”, and signs on the “wooden door” by hand.

Sophomores Jaime Dickinson, Julia Cornell, Lilianna LiPera, and Amelia Cerio made their door spooky and fun with skeletons, spider webs, and caution tape.

Their suite is getting into the Halloween spirit in small ways like getting costumes together, decorating, and getting candy.

They decorated their door for something fun to do in their freetime, and enjoyed going to stores such as Fivebelow to get supplies, which they said were affordable.

Freshmen Morgan Magierski and Mariah Diyarza went for a scarier theme for their suite door.

Their decorations feature crime scene tape and a creepy poster, with plastic spiders that look like they are crawling on and around the door

Featured are just a few of the decorations students have come up with for the season. Many students, regardless of their doors, are celebrating the Halloween season in a multitude of ways.


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