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Student Association’s New President: Enid Walker

By Kathryn Taleporos | September 19, 2022

UAlbany Student Association Office

Photo Credit: UAlbany SA Office

Enid Walker, a sophomore majoring in political science, is the newest President of the University at Albany Student Association (SA). As the youngest student in UAlbany history to hold this position, Walker has many plans to improve campus this semester.

The Student Association is described by Walker as the student government on campus, but also functions as a non-profit. The Student Association is funded through the semesterly $110 undergraduate student activities fee.

Walker says that the Student Association has many goals this year to improve the student experience. Some goals include making university resources more accessible and better known to students, improving meal plans, especially for commuter students, and increasing menstrual product accessibility.

Walker initially ran for the role of Vice President, however President-Elect Sri Ganeshaan resigned over the summer. Ganeshaan’s resignation defaulted Walker as the new SA President. SA did not comment on the reasoning behind Ganeshaan’s resignation.

Walker says that the role of Vice President and President are not that different as they are both leadership positions, and she ran for a leadership position because she wanted to improve the issues she saw around campus.

“I wanted to make sure someone was complaining about these issues, and working on them,” Walker said.

Remaining in touch with all student needs is an essential part of the SA presidential role. In addition to attending all weekly Senate meetings, Walker also plans to implement a drop box in the SA office where students can write suggestions.

Making campus a welcoming environment for everyone is another top priority for Walker.

“Being at university is like being thrown into a whole new world,” Walker said. “At such a big university, it can be easy to feel lost at times.”

However, Walker believes that every student has a place on campus. Whether that be through Student Association or another organization on campus, Walker believes being involved on campus can make students feel like they have a family.


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