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Student Association To Provide Free Sexual Health Options

By Mattie Fitzpatrick | December 4, 2023

Free contraceptives and sexual health supplies are expected to be available in the Student Association office as early as next semester. This comes as part of a campaign to make sexual health supplies and products more accessible to students.

Student Association (SA) Director of Disability and Health, Erica Strand, is currently working to bring resources such as HIV test kits, STI test kits, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, menstrual products, contraceptive products, and Narcan kits to students. These supplies will be free of charge and are expected to be placed at the front entrance to the SA office.

Currently, pads, tampons, liners, Narcan kits, latex-free and latex male condoms, dental dams, and STI resources are available to students. These products are covered by the Student Activity Fee every student pays and is part of a number of accessibility changes Strand has made throughout her time in this position.

“Everything I provide through this office is free to students because they have already paid into the University, and they deserve to get as much out of that as they can,” Strand said.

Additionally, Strand is committed to the Free Menstrual Product Project which provides free menstrual products dispensers across campus for students. Plans to install more dispensers are in the works, according to Strand.

“My goal in this role has been and will continue to be to use the Student Activity Fee that every student pays to provide resources and support to students who may not be able or comfortable to access on their own,” Strand said.

This is not the only expansion of sexual health resources on campus, however, Director Kelly Gorman of the Office of Health Promotion is working towards accessible resources as well. The Office of Health Promotion is working to create and expand a “peer-to-peer emergency contraception distribution on campus,” Gorman announced.

“I think it’s a great idea. When Planned Parenthood gave out free Plan B, people went crazy for it. There are definitely people on campus who would appreciate contraceptive options more readily and conveniently available,” UAlbany Sophomore Luiginna Frederique, said.

“There is still a lot of work to do in the way of development and foundation-setting, but we are excited for this work to be underway,” Gorman said.


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