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Students Gather for Solar Eclipse Viewing

By Aedan Perry | April 15, 2024

Students and Faculty gathered at the entry plaza to see the eclipse. 

Photo Credit: Aedan Perry / The ASP

University at Albany students and faculty gathered together Monday (4/8) to view a solar eclipse that was set to pass over 15 states. This eclipse passed over Albany with 97% totality, which is extremely rare, and students certainly came out to see the eclipse. 

Many students were surprised at just how many people showed up. “I didn't know it would be this hectic,” said sophomore Xavier Lemar. “Campus events like this are a rarity, and I'm glad to be a part of it.”

Despite tables set up to distribute glasses for the event, they soon ran out as people flooded in the viewing areas, leaving many without any way to view the eclipse.

“I didn't expect this many people to show; I couldn't get glasses.” said sophomore James Sullivan. “I'm not sure how solar eclipses work, but I'm sure it will be cool.”

Many students expressed that this was one of the best events of the school year. Sophomore Autumn Hill said, “It's pretty dope. Of this year's events, this and the earthquake four days ago are at the top of the list.”

The fact that the solar eclipse happened so soon after an earthquake was something a few people noticed. “With the earthquake and now this, I feel like we are in the end times,” joked junior Mater Childs. “All it would take is a freak rainstorm or volcano or something.”

It wasn’t only students who were viewing the eclipse. Joe Canella, the Interim Assistant Director of Enrollment Marketing at UAlbany watched the eclipse alongside his wife Erin, who is a psychologist with UAlbany’s Counseling & Psychological Services, as well as their 5-year-old son Max.

“This is his first eclipse,” Mr. Canella said. “The last eclipse doesn’t seem that long ago, but seven years pass fast.”


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