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UA Runway: Featuring Jhaden Williams, Junior, Business Economics & Communication

By: Nolan Adelsky | February 28, 2022

Photo Credit: Nolan Adelsky

Last Wednesday, Jhaden Williams, a Junior here at the university, was spotted swagged out in the Lecture Center. Upon closer inspection, you can tell Jhaden knows how to dress: Nike Tech suit, Supreme x Nike puffer, Amiri’s, and the Yankee fitted hat worked for Jhaden today since “the snow finally melted so I could wear these shoes and it wasn’t too cold where I needed to wear a heavy jacket.” The light-blue and gray color combo was too clean. Now, let’s get a closer look at what Jhaden put on today.

Last November at Parkfest, I remember seeing A Boogie wearing these Amiri Skel-Top Hi’s at Fallapalooza, and he tells us this is “the reason I know what these shoes are.” One will notice that they have a similar silhouette to the Jordan 1, which is currently trending and can be spotted all over campus. Jhaden has noticed this and lives as an exception, he “used to love 1’s until the trend started, [he doesn’t] like to wear just what everybody has,” separating him from the crowd.

Photo Credit: Nolan Adelsky

Sweats usually have a connotation when it comes to dressing up, and this could have been a struggle for him. His style is “comfortable.” He is a “big sweatsuit hoodie guy.” Jhaden’s style is simple. He “solely buy[s] things that [he] likes and not trying to be on any trends.”

He wears sweats every day, but he still makes it look fire.

Nike tech is a staple in anyone’s closet that is a fan of streetwear, but with the cold weather in Albany, you need something on top. This Nike x Supreme puffer from the Spring ‘21 collection works perfectly to connect the brands and add to the color scheme of this entire outfit. Notice how Jhaden connected each piece he has on.

Photo Credit: Nolan Adelsky

On his head rested a classic New Era Yankee fitted hat. It serves as a capstone to this outfit that encapsulates the culture of New York streetwear. One will notice the slight detail of the powder-blue New Era logo and underbrim to fully complete the look.

So what is Jhaden going to cop next?

As he likes to shop on Farfetch, we would probably expect some more designer brands. Black Stone Island cargo pants are next in line for him and will be a great piece to have as the weather warms up.

Keep a lookout for Jhaden and his unique style on campus.


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