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UAlbany Launches Well-Being Survey

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

By Adonia Wade | October 4, 2021

The University is conducting a well-being survey for UAlbany students and staff members, and the information gained will assist in developing programs and outlets to improve the well-being of students and staff on campus.

The University at Albany joined the Health Promoting University Network on Aug. 31, an international community that encourages colleges and universities to focus on the health and well-being of students and staff and make it a main priority in campus culture. UAlbany is strengthening their efforts to embed health into the University’s culture with this well-being survey and requests feedback from UAlbany students and staff on the topic of well-being.

“The information gathered in this survey will be used to develop recommendations for initiatives and programs that will support and enhance both student and employee well-being,” said Dolores Cimini, director of the Center for Behavioral Health Promotion and Applied Research.

“Your voice is critical in this effort,” said Cimini. The survey covers an array of topics such as participants’ opinions about well-being and school, well-being and safety, emotional and spiritual well-being, and school and physical health.

The survey questions give UAlbany community members a chance to voice their opinions and experiences with well-being, including topics such as mental health concerns, death of a close family member or friend, unstable housing, and effects of COVID-19.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes, and all participants are anonymous. The survey was sent out to students and faculty by email with the subject line, “UAlbany Well-Being Survey.” If you cannot find your survey invitation, you can request a new one by contacting Molly Hadley at to receive a new survey invitation.

Any student who takes the survey will be given the voluntary opportunity to provide their email address and will be eligible to win prizes. Of the first 3,000 students to respond, 25 respondents will receive a $20 e-gift card for Amazon, and every participant who completes the survey will be entered into a raffle for one of two $100 Amazon e-gift cards, so long as they provide their email address.

Anyone who is over 18-years-old and is enrolled at the university as an undergraduate or graduate student is eligible to take the survey.


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