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UAlbany Releases Expected Plans for Fall 2021

By Shawn Ness | April 25, 2021

As the academic year comes to a close, an outline of what the university is expected to look like this fall was released on Wednesday, detailing a return to mostly in-person classes, the reopening of dining halls, and COVID-19 safety measures.

Classes will begin on Aug. 23 with opening convocation on Aug. 20. After two consecutive semesters without a scheduled break, students will finally be able to enjoy a fall break.

The on-campus dining halls located on Indigenous and State Quad, as well as all retail dining locations in the Campus Center are set to reopen. Additionally, student housing will be open and filled based on demand, similar to previous semesters.

Extracurriculars such as intramural sports, recreation, performing arts, athletics, student organizations, activities and events will return in full in the fall.

Masks will still be required inside all buildings. Students and staff are strongly encouraged to get a COVID vaccine, although it is not currently mandated.

In the university’s announcement it was stated that “if a sufficient percentage of students do not become vaccinated prior to classes beginning, vaccination could be made mandatory.”

The university stated that it will continue its surveillance testing program, although it is expected to be greatly reduced and possibly eliminated for those that have received a vaccine.

Vaccinated individuals will also not be required to quarantine if they happen to come into contact with an individual that has COVID-19.

The announcement stressed that all plans rely on state, local, and SUNY guidelines, as well as continued vaccination efforts among students and staff and trends in positive cases, and are therefore subject to change.

The ASP is investigating further into the specifics of this announcement.


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