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UAlbany Senate Awards Nearly All Funds in Supplemental Line

By Julia Ross-McGuire | November 21, 2022

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The UAlbany Senate Supplemental budget line has $29 remaining following last Wednesday’s meeting.

As the Senate has already awarded all funds in the sponsorship budget line, which is primarily for sororities and fraternities, at this point in the academic year the only groups eligible to receive additional funding from the Student Association are new and unfunded organizations.

After passing seven appropriations bills last night, four of which were under the supplemental line, only one other recognized group will be able to receive additional funding less than $29 from the Student Association for this academic year.

The bills passed under this line saw much debate, especially that of Fuerza Latina. Vice President, Ciarra Medrano, amongst others, questioned the need for the large amount of funds requested by the group.

Senator Amelia Crawford said, “I think that giving away all of the supplemental [budget line] before next semester is a problem but it's unfair to tear apart this group’s budget.”

Senator Selwa Khan also voiced her concerns saying, “every budget we receive could be worked on, things could be cut or changed and we would encourage the group to change their budget before next semester, but it is a first come first serve basis.”

In response to the senators' concerns, Fuerza Latina said that they’ve been working on their budget since August.

The Student Association President, Enid Walker, reminded senators that passing Fuerza Latina’s request would mean nearly nothing would be left for the supplemental line.

A total of $54,401.15 was awarded. $1,234.70 was awarded to new and unfunded groups with an additional $53,166.45 being awarded under the supplemental budget line to recognized groups.

Four groups: the Chinese Student Association, the Muslim Student Association, Fuerza Latina, and the Jamaican Student Association received funds under the supplemental budget line.

The Chinese Student Association received $7,500 for catering and decorations.

The Muslim Student Association received $21,000 for attending the Islamic Circle of North America conference and Suhoor boxes for fasting during Ramadan.

Fuerza Latina received $10,529 for a photographer, DJ, and decorations for an event as well as dance costumes and merchandise.

The Jamaican Student Association received $18,137.45 for entertainment and decorations for their Dancehall event as well as for merchandise.

The three groups who received funding under the new and unfunded budget line were the Art of Public Speaking, Project Sunshine, and the UAlbany Chapter of the National Society of Black Women in Medicine.

The Art of Public Speaking received $365.99 for food, plates along with other utensils, and merchandise.

Project Sunshine received $399.27 for food, plates along with other utensils, and art and cleaning supplies.

The UAlbany Chapter of the National Society of Black Women in Medicine received $266.06 for apparel, art and event supplies, and eating utensils.


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