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UAlbany Senate Depletes Sponsorship Budget Line

By Julia Ross-McGuire | October 31, 2022

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The University at Albany’s Student Association unanimously passed six appropriations bills at last Wednesday’s meeting.

The bills provided funds to Delta Phi Lambda and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority from the sponsorship budget line. It also provided funds to Women in Cybersecurity, the Digital Forensics Association, the Albany Student Press, and the Badminton Club from the new and unfunded line.

The funds awarded totaled $4,284.75.

Delta Phi Lambda and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority both requested money for sisterhood events.

Women in Cybersecurity requested funding for pizza and other refreshments for events. The Digital Forensics Association requested funding to go towards facilitating network events and purchasing merchandise for retaining and recruiting members. The Albany Student Press requested money for the renewal of the business basic subscription plan for their website. The Badminton Club asked for funding for equipment.

The meeting also saw the unanimous appointments of Shayla Farris as the Director of Disability Concerns and Billy Plantin as the Director of Marketing.

The SA website states that the Disability Concerns Department “advocates for the student body by pushing for more accessibility on campus, from asking for ways to make campus easier to navigate physically, to raising awareness of disability needs on campus.”

Per the SA website the “Marketing team is responsible for engaging the campus community through social media and online presence as well as creating flyers for events and programs.”


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