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UAlbany Senate Passes Seven Appropriations Bills

By Julia Ross-McGuire | November 14, 2022

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The University at Albany’s Student Association approved seven bills totalling $22,243.13 and were passed under two different lines; new and unfunded as well as supplemental.

Bills under the new and unfunded line totaled $1,593.89.

The UAlbany Tango Club received $400 for a speaker and compensation for a volunteer.

The American Cancer Society received $400 for merchandise, fundraising equipment, and apparel.

The Student Anime Organization received $397.96 for equipment and subscriptions.

The UAlbany Living History club received $395.93 for fencing equipment.

It is important to note that the maximum amount of funds requested by a new and unfunded club is $400, and all four clubs requested exactly or nearly $400.

Bills under the supplemental line which provides additional funds for already recognized clubs totaled $20,649.24.

This marks eight bills passed under the supplemental line, with the Senate now allotting 50% of the total $100,000 budget to clubs.

The Chinese Student Association received $1,470.80 for their Mid-Autumn Festival, Night Market, and China Night events as well as for apparel.

The Model European Union received $2,657.74 for travel expenses for their upcoming conference.

The UAlbany Mock Trial received $16,520.70 for registration, hotel expenses, a Dippikill trip, food, and apparel.


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