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UAlbany Student Association Announces Fall 2021 General Election Winners

Full Student Association Senate at Wednesday’s meeting. (Photo Credit: Student Association)

By Alexis Johns | October 4, 2021

The Fall 2021 SA General Election results were announced on Wednesday. Campaigning began Sept. 23 at midnight and concluded Sept. 29 at noon.

The results reveal ceremony was held in the Great Dane lounge on Wednesday at 5 p.m. congratulating all of the newly elected senators.

The entire UAlbany SA Senate meets on Wednesday nights to discuss matters surrounding programs, events, shows, and more. Their goal is to provide the undergraduate student population with a safe, strong, fun, and healthy campus experience. The SA is comprised of four branches, which include legislative, judicial, executive, and finance. They also have 13 internal departments, known as directors, which aid in being the voice for over 260 student groups and events throughout the school year. The SA covers areas anywhere from budgets, academic concerns, to even joining and creating a new group or club on campus. They are able to do everything they do for the undergraduate population through funds they receive from the student activity fee all undergraduate students pay as part of tuition. Currently, SA has a $3 million budget in which they use to give students the on-campus experience they strive to have.

All SA senators were required to attend the SA Senate meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 29, where the new senators were sworn in, followed by a speech by President Rodriguez. The President congratulated all of the newly elected senators and addressed health on campus, involvement on campus, making connections, and holding each other accountable. He said, “Student engagement is critical. Congrats to all senators here, you are the voice, and this is incredibly important. We look forward to engaging with you, and we thank you for your service.”

New senators gather in Campus Center for a photo. (Photo Credit: Student Association)

Jalen Rose had the highest number of votes (491), winning Senator At-Large. Newly elected First-Year Senator At-Large Kylie Macana came in with the second highest tally of votes, with a total of 356 votes.

Macana, a freshman, is excited for what is to come: “I am so happy to have been elected by my peers as First-Year Senator At-Large. I can’t wait to get started and make them proud.”

The election of the 2021-2022 Senate Vice-Chair will be postponed due to time constraints until next Wednesday’s SA Senate meeting.

The Fall 2021 General Election Results are as follows:

-Colonial Quad Senator: Jay Thompson and Erica Strand

-Dutch Quad Senator: Timothy Goldsmith and Daniel Cooke

-Empire Commons Senator: Cian Maguire and Alexandra Yeagar

-First Year Senator-At Large Senator: Kylie Macana and Amelia Crawford

-Freedom Apartments Senator: Danielle Kaminski and Run-off

-Indigenous Quad Senators: Liam Vaitkus and Noah Yates

-International Student Senator: Shika Thotawala and Htet Naing Oo

-Liberty Terrace Senator: Anton Skamperie and Advanced to the special election

-Off-Campus Senator: Dani McLeggon, Shante Tracey, Dylan Klein, Griffin Gavin, Mahad -Ashad, Harrison Kazer, Nazeer Sarwar, and John Stufano.

-Senator at Large: Jalen Rose and Clint Mohammed

-State Quad Senator: Sri Ganesheen and Julia Ross-Maguire

-University Council Representative: Brianna Ortiz


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