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Which Crystals Do You Need?

By Tishan Roye | April 18, 2022

It’s time to get connected with your inner self. It’s becoming ever so trendy to be spiritual these days whether through tarot cards, crystals, or manifestation. Most people usually believe that the results from crystals resemble that of a placebo effect. Though in some cases this may be true it coincides with the idea that if the crystal’s user is willing to go forth and work towards the goal they are trying to achieve then what they seek is more likely to become a reality. Crystals should be seen more as energy boosters or spiritual uplifters enhancing the abilities that its user already or will possess.

Let’s see what crystal you need in your life. Whether for healing, manifestation, or love, what you desire can become a reality. Quick note for the crystal newbies if you lose, break, or misplace a crystal or crystal jewelry more than likely that crystal has fulfilled its purpose in your life.

  1. Rose Quartz

This is a pretty popular crystal that is well known by many. It’s pale pink and has a vitreous luster towards it. Rose Quartz is mainly centered around channeling love and compassion into one’s life. This crystal can not only strengthen one’s relationship but can also build self-love as it is attached to the heart and throat chakra. It helps to heal emotional pain and to improve circulation.

2. Clear Quartz

This crystal is clear, often transparent to white in appearance. This is a base crystal everyone needs as it helps to strengthen the effects of other crystals. However, on its own clear quartz is used to channel more motivational energy. So if you need to set some goals and stick to them, clear quartz is your crystal.

3. Amethyst

This crystal ranges from deep purple to a lilac color. This is the February birthstone but trust and believe everyone can use it. The crystal is centered around cleansing, protection, and inspiration. For its healing benefits, amethyst is known to help with insomnia relief, boost one’s immune system, and for emotional healing.

4. Citrine

One of my personal favorites as this was my first crystal. This crystal comes in various shades of yellow to gold and even amber. Generally associated with building one’s confidence, boosting creativity, and happiness. Citrine is often referred to as the “Prosperity Stone” as it is known to attract wealth, success, and joy into its user's life.

5. Carnelian

This crystal went viral for its properties of enhancing attraction in its owner both for friendly and romantic purposes. However, this crystal is way more than that. Carnelian mostly resembles a brownish-red color that varies from dark to light. Also reflected as the “Sunset stone” it helps with increasing passion, motivation, increases confidence, and sharpens concentration. Truly recommend this to students as the crystal is said to help with overcoming procrastination.

6. Green Aventurine

These crystals range from a greenish color to an almost translucent green. It is associated with the heart chakra and is predominantly known for promoting prosperity, optimism, love, and luck in its users’ life. It is associated with the August birthstone and its healing capabilities are rooted in emotional wounds and enhances one’s intellectual development .

7. Aquamarine

This is by far one of my favorite crystals. It comes in a variety of colors blue. This crystal is associated with clarity, harmony, serenity, and tranquility. Aquamarine helps with lung and respiratory problems. If you need some clarity in your life this is the best crystal to get.

With crystals manifestation and perseverance is necessary. You have to actually believe in yourself that you can accomplish what you manifest; the crystals are simply energy boosters with your passion.

On-campus we have the small black-owned business “Beaded by Ifechi”. She sells authentic crystal bracelets ranging from the ones listed above and others including howlite and mookaite. IG: @ifechii

Here are some other places you can grab crystals:

Reiki Rocks Crystal Shoppe and Hippies, Witches & Gypsies.


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