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Best Commercials from Super Bowl LVI

By Santiago Brion

With every Super Bowl, there are fantastic ads with celebrities promoting a new product. Here are the best commercials from Super Bowl 56. However, trailers like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will not be included.

Larry David in a Super Bowl ad was something that was well-needed. From every point in our history, Larry makes the most brutally honest and hilarious remarks that you’ve seen before from Curb your Enthusiasm. Whether it be the invention of the toilet, the wheel or a fork, Larry always had a snarky comment to boot. All that was needed was the signature theme music from the acclaimed HBO comedy series.

After a 17 year hiatus, Lay’s needed to make a comeback with an ad during the Big Game. Enter two Frat Pack alums, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. In it, they reminisce on the good times, like getting into a turf war, getting kidnapped and moving in to a house that is apparently haunted. Both of these actors had great comedic chemistry as they’ve always done in the past, through the good times and bad, Lay’s has always been there for them, even when Rogen’s about to marry a ghost bride.

Jim Carrey returned to one of his most iconic roles in the form of Ernie “Chip” Douglas from The Cable Guy. Although the movie has been called the black sheep of Carrey’s career, it has become a cult classic in recent years. It’s only suitable that Cable Guy would be great for this commercial. In recent years, the majority of people prefer wireless networking than cable, thus making The Cable Guy obsolete, after discovering Verizon’s 5G network. The movie playing in the background was also a nice touch.

As a fan of Schitt’s Creek myself, it was such a delight to see Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy in the same place during The Big Game. Brie Larson offers Levy the latest Nissan model, the 2023 Nissan Ariya. Meanwhile Drax and Okoye themselves, Dave Bautista and Danai Guerrera get in on the action. Sporting a long wig, Eugene Levy looks like he has just made the latest design for a fashion brand like Gucci. Who would’ve thought that a Super Bowl would have David and Moira Rose encounter an Avenger, a Guardian of the Galaxy and a Wakandan warrior?!

15 years after The Sopranos ended, the audience has wondered what happened during its final minutes during the series finale. This one is the best one because not just because I love The Sopranos, but because it perfectly recreates the iconic opening of one of the greatest TV Shows of all time. Set with the theme song “Woke up this Morning”, it copied the crime drama’s opening to a “T”! Instead of Tony driving the car, Jamie Lyn Springler reprises her role as Meadow while driving the latest Chevy Silverado EV. The way that Meadow drove like a boss and finally learned how to park had me in stitches! Also, I screamed when AJ appeared and hugged Meadow. Tony may be gone, but his children live on with the Sopranos name.

That’s the list of all the best commercials from Super Bowl LVII. Whether you watched the game to watch two teams clashing with each other and scoring touchdowns, the commercials and the half-time show are always a good time!


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