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Big Mouth Season 6 Review (SPOILERS AHEAD)

By Rachel Wolk | November 14, 2022

“Big Mouth” is a Netflix original animated sitcom created by Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll intended for a mature, adult audience. The series is largely based on Kroll and Goldberg’s life living in the suburbs of New York City, and explores the growing pains of being an adolescent, the human body, and sex.

The season starts us off with the students of Bridgeton Middle being snowed in and trapped inside their houses. With them being bored out of their minds and yearning for affection, Nick decides to open up “The Hookup House” located in his attic. Meanwhile, Missy develops a new crush on classmate Elijah, a devout Christian and a little geeky, like her. The first episode immediately felt different from other seasons. For an already vulgar show, the content is extremely graphic, but it still had lots of laughs.

We soon discover that Nick and Jay have some family secrets according to a DNA test they take in class. Nick is related to a “nipple-twisting” champion who is later revealed to be Elliot Birch’s father, William Wallace MacGregor. Jay finds out he has a secret half-brother. Lola discovers she has three dads. Jay decides to introduce Matthew, his newest boyfriend to his family. To Jay’s dismay, his family doesn’t seem to care. Andrew gains a lovebug, Flanny O’Lympic who helps him handle his long-distance relationship with Bernie Sanders (not, to be confused with the senator of Vermont).

Andrew deals with dilemmas, like his long-distance relationship with Bernie, spending time continuously masturbating, and his mother Barbara walking out on his family after a fight at Shabbat dinner.

Jessi’s storyline in Season 6 is one to touch upon. Her story is mainly spotlighted in the third episode, which centers around female-related issues, empowerment, and women supporting women.

In Season 5, we left Jay off with his coming out as bisexual and new crush on Matthew. The two get a load of screen time this season, with the two delving deep into their relationship through lots of making out. Jay brings Matthew to his house for a date and of course, hooks up. He also gets a hair makeover from Matthew, thanking him for his “hair fork”. Even though the two could not be more different, they make an amazing couple on the show.

Lola meets her three dads (one of them voiced by Adam Levine) who were the members of a band called Bros 4 Life! The three of them slept with Lola’s mother, Cookie, when they were on tour some years ago and one of them is her assumed father. She is astonished to believe this, but in the end, it all ends up being a lie for them to get a part of her Hot Pocket lawsuit money. Rodney, Lola’s mother’s parole officer, ends up taking custody of Lola and becoming her father.

Missy and Elijah have a very sweet relationship in the show. Missy gets butterflies whenever she’s with him and with the help of Mona, her Hormone Monster she can feel a sense of compassion around him. Elijah wishes he could feel the same way, which leads him to believe that he is asexual and doesn’t have any attraction toward anyone.

We see references to other popular Netflix series, such as Bridgerton. This occurs when Missy is trying to fantasize about taking things slow with Elijah through a Bridgerton setting. It’s interesting to see worlds collide among Netflix originals.

A character that personally annoyed me was Montel. Montel is Maury and Connie’s newborn hormone monster baby. While his intentions are meant to be humorous, I felt like there wasn’t a point in him being in the show. He just comes up at random points in the show and doesn’t seem to do anything to help the characters.

The season shows a lot of representation of gender identity and pronouns. When Caitlin and Greg are expected to have a baby, Jessi wants them to address the baby using non-gender conforming pronouns. Inclusivity is very important in today’s world and to see it conveyed on television is memorable.

The new season was enjoyable overall, and different from past seasons in the best way. Season 6 of Big Mouth is now streaming on Netflix.


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