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Large Fight in Campus Center: One Injured

Five males involved in Campus Center fight walk in Campus Center. (Photo Credit: UPD)

By Calvin Dimmig | September 20, 2021

A quarrel between students and non-students in the Campus Center last Saturday after the football game resulted in one serious injury.

The University Police Department’s report said that the incident lasted for one hour. UPD confirmed that upon the arrival of the police and Five Quad, one person was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

UPD Inspector John E McGuire Jr. said “While the investigation for this incident is ongoing, the information we have at this time is that assault was the result of an argument between two groups in the Campus Center.”

McGuire also said that the person transported to the hospital was a guest of one of the students and suffered a “minor” injury. The person was treated and released.

Two employees from Fountain Grill, Josh Meyers, a chef, and Waydean Campbell, a manager at the Fountain Grill. Meyers and Campbell said they were cleaning dishes when they heard a “ruckus” from the central staircase. Meyers said that chairs were thrown across the dining room and tables were moved.

Campbell stayed back at Fountain Grill and called for help. She mentioned that one student was armed with a taser. “We heard the taser going off. We were asking ‘who’s got the taser? Who’s got the taser?’” said Campbell.

Meyers intervened and attempted to stop the fight.“This is where I work. Kids go here. It’s not me to stand by,” said Meyers.

He noticed two distinct groups: a group of six versus a group of three. He said that there was a girl, a member of the larger group involved in the altercation, who started to harass Meyers. Waydean mentioned that her co-worker warned the girl she could get in trouble, but she responded, “I don’t go here. Get out of my face, or I’ll beat the sh*t out of you.”

The girl, soon after her threat, pulled her taser on Meyers.

Meyers remained vigilant in keeping the peace. From inside Fountain Grill, Campbell said she saw the fight progress from the bottom of the staircase to the right of the Fountain Grill, into the general area of the 518 Market.

After UPD and Five Quad arrived, the two said that the student group, excluding the girl, fled the scene, apparently “trashing” the Campus Center on their departure. They exited the building west via the doorway near Indigenous Quad.

Once the scene quieted down, Campbell said he noticed the police interviewing the girl from the non-student group. “I walked up to the police and told them: She doesn't go to this school. I want her off the premises.”

The girl’s taser was not the cause of the injuries according to the witnesses. Meyers and Campbell also left with no injuries but were still distressed from the event.

Currently, the investigation is pending. Any information about the incident, suspects, or other elements should be reported to the University Police Department.


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