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Seven Ways to Spook Up Your Dorm: Halloween Style

By Rachel Wolk | October 24, 2022

Do you have time on your hands after a long studying session and want to get into the Halloween spirit? After weeks of midterms and constant homework, there’s nothing like decorating your living space and de-stressing. Don’t know where to start? Well, no fear. Ideas are here. Seriously, don't be afraid.

These fun decorations come in various designs, from pumpkins to ghosts to spiders and so much more. Your window will bring out that spooky energy.

Caution tape is an absolute must on Halloween. This is perfect to put on your suite’s door. It sets a chilling mood when people try to knock.

A garland works around your desk area or on the wall in your suite. It should not be too difficult to hang up, mess-free with Command Strips or even clear tape, and it can bring in much-needed festiveness.

This one may scare people, but a plastic skull can be left out on your desk or even in the suite’s common space if there is a table there. A skull head will surely strike people’s attention and remind them that spooky season is upon them.

You’re never too old to trick or treat. There’s always a chance you’ll get someone knocking on your suite door asking for candy. What better than a spider web candy bowl? Both spirited and valuable for all the Crunch bars and Kit Kats you’ll hand out.

Thinking of staying in for Halloween and watching the classics while eating your favorite candies? That’s always a go-to decision. While you binge-watch, you can get comfortable with a cute Halloween themed blanket.

Last but not least, a fake blood splatter poster. This will truly give your dorm the spine-chilling ambiance it needs and put you in the Halloween setting. You can put it up either in your suite or in your room, whatever suits your needs.

These suggestions should help spook up your dorm! Don’t be afraid to be creative, it’s Halloween after all. The options are endless.


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