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Top 10 Songs to Listen to Celebrate Women’s History Month

By Kathryn Taleporos | March 11, 2024 

Photo Credit: Ri_Ya on Pixabay

As we celebrate women’s history month during the month of March, here are some songs that highlight female artists and showcase the power of women in the music industry. 

“The Man” by Taylor Swift: The queen of the music industry herself, Swift’s song “The Man” conveys how it feels to be a woman in the workforce. The lyric, “I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man” puts into words the frustration felt by women everywhere. 

“All-American Bitch” by Olivia Rodrigo: Being a woman is hard, and it is especially hard to be a teenage girl. Olivia Rodrigo’s song “All-American Bitch” is one of those songs that is so therapeutic to just scream at the top of your lungs. The lyric, “I know my age and I act like it” is perfect because it shows the paradox of being a teenager, or a woman in your 20s. The world expects a certain adult image, but in reality, you’re still just a kid. 

“Labor” by Paris Paloma: This song went viral on TikTok, and for good reason. Paloma wrote a chilling song that sends goosebumps up the arms of everyone who listens to it. The song is about the hardships of being a woman in a world filled with violence and patriarchy. 

“Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce: A much more upbeat and uplifting song than “Labor,” this is the ultimate hype song for all women, and just a good reminder that girls do in fact run the world. 

“Roar” by Katy Perry: A classic 2000s song that is sure to uplift your playlist. While this song is not specifically about female empowerment, it is a song that is all about finding your voice and using it, which is an essential message for women everywhere to hear. 

“History of Man” by Maisie Peters: “The men start wars yet Troy hates Helen.” Maisie Peters is a lyrical genius in this song, perfectly encapsulating female rage. This song is the feminist song of the year and is female rage in its finest form. 

“Just A Girl” by No Doubt: Another popular TikTok song, this song is perfect for Women’s History Month because at our core, we’re just girls. From girl math to girl dinner, at the end of the day we are just girls trying to live our lives, and this song is a representation of that. 

“Rise Up” by Andra Day: This song is inspirational, the main message being “I’ll rise up.” We cannot talk about Women’s History Month without talking about the hardships women around the world endure, but we are all strong and powerful. This song reminds us that no matter what we are facing, we can rise up. 

“Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield: Screaming this song while driving with your best friends is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. This song reminds us all that life is an adventure, there is so much of our life that is unwritten, and this month, and every month we should live life to the fullest because the future is bright. 

No matter what you choose to listen to, it is important to recognize the importance of women in the music industry. These songs showcase the power and artistry of women, and are a must add to any playlist.


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