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UA Runway: Featuring Zeke Motzer

By: Claire Burnett | September 12, 2022

Photo credit: Claire Burnett

Tatum and I met Zeke Motzer, a 22-year-old Senior from Fairport majoring in Political Science, at the Science Library where he sauntered up to us with an outstretched hand, and a warm smile. He wore a deflated brown cap from a mountain he snowboarded at with the words “Stratton” embroidered in fading white threads with two pigtails held by bright pink and orange butterfly clips popped out from behind it.

A small pin labeled “Jams: Hard af” from the band “JamBand,” was nestled on the middle right side of the cap, bringing a splash of color with its glittering enamel rainbow design. In addition, he carried a tan canvas bag with a print of a small raccoon shooting little guns. This, like many of the pieces he chooses to wear, was bought in support of one of the bands that perform at a music venue he runs, “Caesar’s Palace.”

“It's just like, if I see something that I like while I'm out, I try to get it. I do a lot of things in music, so it comes from that area… So, this bag is from a band called Trash Rabbits,” Motzer said. “And then I have a hat from a different band. All of us try to buy merch from every band that comes to Caesars.”

His style, he says, is partly inspired by the underground music scene, and partly by people like his mom and Mike Gordon from the band Phish. This mixture of inspiration has led to a colorful, soft take on the modern grunge scene. Additionally, he highlights this aspect through light, thoughtful accessories – like the small daisy chain on his wrist, which was found discarded and left after a show.

Photo Credit: Claire Burnett

“It's actually a choker that I found that matches my pants… a lot of times things just sort of appear, especially like, at my house when there are people coming in and out all the time. Things just get left and I'm like, oh, I like that,” said Motzer.

Zeke paired two necklaces with the outfit. Both were small pieces of art hanging off a chain and one from some twine. The first was vibrant Grateful Dead blotter art made by a brand he enjoys, Lost Lucy. The next was a small, milky purple and white glass-blown mushroom – given to him to sell at a concert with his friends.

“My uncle’s friend is a glass blower, and he knew I was going on a Fish tour. So, they put a box of glass stuff together. It was like, ‘here, go sell this on a line. Make some money,’” Motzer said. “So, I just grabbed some twine and braided it up, and threw one on there. I have the rest of them in a box.”

His pants, adorned in muddled pink and orange flowers, were found at a local thrift shop in the women’s section – which he’s learned has good, if not better, options than the men’s section. The shirt he paired with it was Caesar’s Palace band merch from “One Way Out,” where a black and white snapshot of the band playing on stage sits squarely in the middle.

At the end of the day, Zeke wants his style to be an expression of how he lives his life and who he is.

“I feel like something that I try to do is promote art as much as possible, so I like to present that in the way that I dress, too. I don't want to try not to stay in any boxes as much as I can, you know?” Motzer said.

We wish Zeke all the best with his future endeavors and suggest you check out the music scenes like Caesar’s Palace that inspire his looks. Until next time, stay stylin’!

Photo Credit: Claire Burnett


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