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UAlbany Announces Renovation Plans For SEFCU Arena, PE Building

By Akin Taylor | August 22, 2022

Photo Credit: UAlbany Communications and Marketing (Used with Permission)

In late July, the University at Albany announced plans to renovate SEFCU Arena, the university’s primary indoor facility, and the Physical Education building.

SEFCU Arena has been a staple of UAlbany Athletics since 1992 as home to UAlbany's mens and womens basketball teams. The building, formerly known as the Recreation and Convocation Center (RACC), was initially an $11 million dollar state of the art facility and has been serving the Capital Region community for 30 years.

The construction will begin in August 2022, and is projected to be completed by November 2023. It is estimated that SEFCU Arena will cost $12 million dollars and will be entirely financed by private sources. $8.5 million has already been pledged toward the project.

The renovation will bring a myriad of new guest amenities, including the following:

  • Premium seating opportunities.

  • Upgraded, spacious chair-back seating.

  • Improved sight lines.

  • New and enhanced ADA seating throughout.

  • New hospitality areas.

Along with the guest amenities, there will be new locker rooms for the boys and girls basketball teams, new permanent bleachers, and a new orientation for the court for a better fan viewing experience.

Along with SEFCU, UAlbany will also renovate the PE Gym, which is already under construction. A new volleyball court and additional practice space for athletics as a whole will be provided by the project, which is expected to cost about $2.5 million dollars.

This project is part of a more extensive, $80 million dollar renovation of the entire PE Building, and the construction of phase one is set to be completed in March 2023. Students will also benefit from significantly more fitness center space and other amenities as a result of this multi-phase project.

“[I am] excited for our fans and the greater Capital Region to be able to experience the upgrades in the renovated space,'' said the University at Albany Director of Athletics, Mark Benson. “The upgrades to this space will greatly enhance the fan experience for our volleyball matches and will also provide a much improved practice space for many of our other programs.”

UAlbany is doing some major remodeling, and while students this year won’t be able to reap the benefits, the university plans for these facilities to serve the community at large for the foreseeable future.


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