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Did I Miss You?

By Sri Nath Kurup | February 14, 2024

Photo Credit: 51581 on Pixabay

I keep missing you.

I miss you every time I wake up alone, just a little too late to catch the rising sun,

When I head out for a morning walk and can’t find the best bench fit for two.

I miss you when a breeze pushes past me, playing with my coat, and I turn around to face


When I search in my bag and realize I forgot the book you got me, and sit down to face the

light sun and dark clouds silently.

I miss you every time I get too cold and rush inside, and look back to see if the world’s changed

without me.

I miss you when I lay in the grass and no one points at the clouds,

When I enjoy the weird time between sunrise and sunset all by myself.

And everywhere I move it feels like I miss you by the smallest margin,

But maybe on that day where everything is pink and bright and sickeningly sweet,

I might not miss you.

Maybe I’ll finally catch you on Valentine’s Day.


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