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La llorona

By Jelisa Gonzalez | May 6, 2024

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Soy una llorona,

I am the crier. 

For reasons I want to believe are out of my control. 

For reasons I know are choices within my control.

For reasons I am sure will be carried throughout my life.

Soy una llorona,

For I came out of my mother crying

gasping for respite 

a breather, some air 

more air.

Come to realize that there was never enough air up above that could contain the force that was me.

Soy una llorona,

So much so that as a child 

I would scream, cry, kick,


To receive the attention, I so yearned for,

To be seen.

Soy una llorona,

Que me dicen que soy sensitiva 

Que siento mucho. 

Mucho que no quiero sentir nada despues que yo lloro

Y lloro 

Y lloro 

Me dicen que soy una llorona 

And I give myself grace.

Hold more than just my pain,

Mas que yo soy adulta,

And need to play off fine all the time.


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