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Museum of Her

By Kay McCray | April 22, 2024

Photo Credit: Kay McCray / The ASP

She took me to the museum everyday

I’d look at all the priceless works of art in awe

I’d never get tired of looking at them

I swear I could’ve stared at them for hours

Going to the museum was my favorite part of everyday

One day she stopped taking me to the museum

I can’t even look at the museum when I walk past

Not without thinking of the masterpieces I would look at for hours

But there was one part of the museum in particular that I loved the most

The windows

They were filled with so much light

When I looked at them, time would stand still

I’d give anything to just go back and look at the windows again

I’d stare at them for hours

If only I had known that the last time was the last time

I miss the museum everyday but I can’t go anymore

People keep telling me that I should just find a new museum

But I can’t

I don’t want to

I never thought a museum would ever mean so much to me

Growing up, I never really liked them

But there was something about the museum that she would take me to

It became such an important part of my life

Now I spend everyday thinking about it

Wishing I could go back

One last time


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