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on the wednesdays that feel like fridays

By Jelisa Gonzalez | February 12, 2024

Photo Credit: Jelisa Gonzalez / The ASP

I woke up and assumed I’d remain in the neutral stance I’d been in since I got back. Seven days into the month of Love and I’m overjoyed by how much my days, planned or unplanned, allow me to see reflections of my past and how much I’ve been rooted for. I used to think people were standoffish or unkind, but only once I spoke light into my conversations that I realized the world opens up to me when I open up to the world. The universe communicating with me through affirmations outside myself feels enlightening. I can feel all the shame of being seen dissipate with every corner of my upturned lips in conversations with others. I can feel all the attentiveness and the want to be understood by others through my asking of important questions. I can feel the warmth emanating from a sense of community that I do not get to experience with only being inside myself. 


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