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The World

By Sri Nath Kurup | February 14, 2024

What do I have to give?

I want to give you the world.

I want to carve out your smile on a mountainside,

Because your imagery

Is more important than history to me.

I want to flood the rice paddies that

Fed my family.

Because a seaside view for you

Might be better than a good meal for me.

I want to level the Himalayas,

So that I can bring down snowy peaks

To you without you ever breaking a sweat,

Because surely you take away my breath more

than any elevation ever could.

I want to tear apart terrace farms,

and make Giant’s steps to reach your throne,

Because I’d rather build a monument to your grace

Then feed my village.

I’d make a monument in your name,

A monolith where you lay claim,

A menhir on every step you took,

And idols for the way you look.

I’d desecrate burial grounds,

If only I could have Aristotle tell you

That you’re the meaning of my life,

And have Michelangelo draw your divinity.

I would sunder the very sky,

If it meant Atlas could

Hold for you a bouquet,

And I would part the sea

If Moses could deliver you to me.

I want to give you the world,

And would just as easily

Give you me.


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